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These rules need to be kept for a smooth running of this board.

General Board Rules:

01. No sprite stealing or claiming a sprite as your own

02. No swearing or flaming.

03. If using a sprite from someone else, give them credit in your post or ask first if possible either by e-mail or pm.

04. Constructive Criticism is good. Personal attacks are bad. Some people are just starting out and haven't gotten some things figured out yet. Just be cool, and help out if possible.

05. Regarding Avatars no animated ones please.

06. Signatures are allowed on this board but do not make them too big cos it slows down the loading of the page for people who have slow connections and if possible don't make them animated but if you do use animated sigs no bigger than 200kbs please.

07. Regarding requests, there is a request section but you can only see/gain access to it once you have 25 or more posts.

Wheres the request section - Find out here!!!

08. Don't post just to get your post count up, just so you can gain access to request section. And newbies don't revive old topics or post constantly just to hit the 25 post mark so you can have access to request section (people just posting, to raise their post count to use this section, will be given a warning and your post count reverted down to 0)

09. Newbies don't post requests in other sections beacuse you can't be bothered posting to gain access to the request section - your topic with be closed or deleted (And if it happens again, you will be given a warning)

10. Also regarding requests - try not to post request after request, it's there to help you - but do search the web first before posting (don't be lazy)

11. Newbies do not private message (pm) or e-mail admin and moderators for requests to try and bypass the request section requirements - you will be given a formal warning.

12. No reviving topics over a month old (except for the project x section, due to them needing to let people know new info etc) - Regular board members don't want to constantly have to track through older topics beacuse of newbies.

13. No posting links to mugen warehouse's creators do not like it - links to a characters site is fine (must be the main page url) no direct linking to other sites files, it chews up their bandwdth and it's not fair to them.

14. As always, use common sense because the final rule of every forum is "Don't be a jerk or you will be banned."

Also some board sections have extra rules/guidelines that need to be followed - Please check the links below for those rules.

Sub-Forum Rules:

01. Comics Download Links Rules

02. Mugen Releases Section Rules

03. Request Section Rules

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