One last Trade Thread

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One last Trade Thread

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Jul 19 2017, 05:25 AM #1

This place is long dead but just in case anyone happens to check here. I am posting my trade list and wants in-case anyone checks here.

I have for trade

-Tournament GO Reward Promos-

Descendants of G SPC-2 ( x1 )
Moebius Ring SPC-3 ( x1 )
Gundam X Divider SP-5 ( x1 )
Jagd Doga Quess Parya Type SP-4 ( x1 )
Freedom Gundam SP-8 ( x1 )
Wing Gundam EW SP-7 ( x1 )

-UR's I have-

Apsaras III U-Z26 ( x1 )
Justice Gundam U-S23 ( x1 )
ZZ Gundam U-E25 ( x1 )
Sazabi U-N29 ( x1 )
Gaia's Dom Black Tri Stars U-Z29 ( x1 )
Gaia CH-Z15 ( x1 )
Mash CH-Z16 ( x1 )
Byalant U-T28 ( x1 )
Katejina Loos's Rig-Shokew ( x1 )

I also have Rares, Uncommons and Commons from all the colors if you might be looking for any of those. Now for the stuff I'm looking for.

-Tournament Promos i'm looking for-

Char's Zaku II SP-2 ( x1 )
Zeong SP-3 ( x1 )

-UR's im looking for-

Amuro Ray CH-E13 ( x1 )
V2 Gundam U-E32 ( x1 )
Gundam 6th U-E36 ( x1 ) ((Mudrock Gundam))
Kampfer with Chain Mine U-Z34 ( x1 )

-Other cards I need-

Zeta Project C-E10 ( x3 )
A Scramble C-Z10 ( x1 )
Operation Thunderbolt C-Z5 ( x1 )
Lady Spy Infiltration C-Z2 ( x2 )
Treize Khushrenada CH-W10 ( x1 )
Gundam Epyon U-W23 ( x1 )
Gundam DX U-X4 ( x1 )

If you have any offers or wish to contact me at all you can email me via or contact me via twitter @pompadude

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