[NEX-A] Blue/Black Prototype Gundams

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First NEX-A Deck i'll be posting here, been trying to take advantage of the [Prototype Gundam] trait to build a deck around, it's unfinished but I think I have the core here.

GP00 Blossom x3 (Promo)
GP03 Stamen x3 (Expansion 5)
Dendrobium (Chain Mine) x2 (Expansion 5)
Zaku II F2 Type (Federation Troops) x3

Magnetic Coating x3 (Set 4)
Sanctions X2-3?? (Expansion 1)
Formation of the Titans x3 (Expansion 5)

Crossbone X1 and Kincaido x2

Deck's Gameplan

The theme of the deck is the Trait [Prototype Gundam] which all Units with the GP model number seem to share. Blossom, Zephrantes, Full Burnern, Stamen, Gerbera, Physalis, Dendrobium all share this trait from what I can find.

Main 3 TNP card of the deck is the GP00 Blossom who's effect allows me to check the top card of my nation during my attack step, if it is a Unit with [Prototype Gundam] I place it in my hangar.

Cost 4 and higher is the GP01, Stamen, Gerbera, and Dendrobium.
Almost all of the various GP01 unit cards involve placing x2 -0/-0/-2 coins on itself to use effects.
To take advantage of this I will be running 3 copies of Magnetic Coating which is a 1 Blue cost command card that lets me remove a coin from a unit and play x2 +1/+1/+1 coins on to it.

I plan to take advantage of this to keep my Units powerful enough to handle the opponent's late game units in stats while I try to get to my Dendrobium which is an amazing trump card.

My choice in an Ace card is the Crossbone and Kincaido. Whose effect lets me use a single black G to count for as if it was 2 roll costs. Not sure if I should run 3 of it to make sure I can draw at least one most of the time.

My biggest issue with the deck right now is Pilots and the other command cards. Most of blacks commands involve discarding cards from the opponent's card, or rolling their G's so it's almost like control. While blue's mostly involve giving units +x/+x/+x and ect. So i'm not sure what to focus on.

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