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For discussions on Carddas's Crusade System Card Series, which include Sunrise Crusade and Macross Crusade.

MSE Crusade

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In order to help those who wish to play with physical cards, and/or in English, for less translation-referencing, I've created a Magic Set Editor template for the Crusade System. It's got just about all the functionality you'll need to create whatever cards you'd like, even the dual-DNP cards. After the cards are created, just print them out, sleeve them up using other cards as a backing, and start the playing. You might also want to print a test page of these, before throwing up a deck and printing, just in case they come out too big or small.

For an example image of what it looks like:

MediaFire Folder for all downloads:

AkibaRanger Crusade Set 1
Dynamic Crusade Set 1
Dynamic Crusade Set 2
Dynamic Crusade Promos
Macross Crusade Set 1
Macross Crusade Set 2
Macross Crusade Set 3
OG Crusade Set 1
OG Crusade Set 2
OG Crusade Set 3 + Starter
Saint Seiya Crusade Set 1
Saint Seiya Crusade Promos
Sunrise Crusade Set 1
Sunrise Crusade Set 2
Sunrise Crusade Set 3
Sunrise Crusade Set 4
Sunrise Crusade Set 5
Sunrise Crusade Set 6