Too many NPL 16s

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July 6th, 2018, 10:22 am #11

spuddie wrote: I bet many of you have been there - loyal parents and juniors, parent coaching for years, volunteering every week both mum and dad etc. etc. and then your club made it to NPL and then along came the wanderers, travellers and club hoppers - coaches and players BUT more importantly the folding stuff 💵💷💶💰💸 started appearing (under that there table too) ...........and none of it for the loyal upper coming players and or those volunteers👎👎👎👎
But then they came back down - relegated and where have they all gone😢😢😢😢
Reading this felt like De Ja vu.

In the FFAFWNPLWA don’t let anyone tell you that old enough good enough bullshit.....It’s garbage......

If your connected to the coach/committee members that’s the best way to get opertunities....
That ffanpl badge gives everyone a superiority complex.....and considering the product produced at the final’s embarrassing to now stand back and observe.

FFAFWNPLWA I’ve come to learn is all about large squads ,money ,and egomaniacle coaches learning on the fly! .....