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South Perth Futsal Club (South Metro Futsal Club)
We are looking for a new players, specially Juniors. Our Head coach Alex Herrera, from Barcelona, with a brillant CV and experience:
As a player:
Goalkeeper National Team U21 2009.
2nd place European Championship U21 Praga (Rep.Chech) 2009
Best Goalkeeper European Championship U21 Praga (Rep.Chech) 2009.
Goalkeeper of All-Star Team of Europe 2009.
2 Times League winner Catalonia. Honor Division.
As a coach:
Coach Professional GK academy "Zona Porters" National and International Clinics.
Coach FC Barcelona School.
Head coach South Metro Futsal Club.
Head coach WA State Futsal team U15.

Contact him:

Wooooow!! After 1 week looking for new players to make this club bigger, we have almost "20" New players with us!!
We are still looking for a new players, especially "Juniors" U8 - U10 - U12 - U14(3 Slots) - U19(3 Slots).
Our main objective this Winter season will be to educate all our players to work in Futsal with values, with respect, with passion (and my main objective as a Head coach will be make them more intelligents).
We look for people available to make Futsal a great sport in WA.
Many thanks to all the families,children,men and women who have already trusted us and thanks to those who are to come.
+ info:
Garry Stevenson (President)
Alex Herrera (Head coach)
Sean Byrne (Captain Mens)
Emma Ylias (Captain Womens)
Michael Dudek (Juniors)
Matthew Dudek (Juniors)
Scott Lake (Juniors Manager)
WA State Futsal Centre.