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Disclaimers – I own no one and this has never happened in real life
Rating – R

Oh For Pampas Grasses…..

Kira had bought a house in palm springs after getting a large settlement in a divorce. It was quite posh there but nothing compared to the larger houses and mansions on the other side of town. The house had 4 bedrooms and a large overgrown garden. The previous owners had been old and when the lady lost her husband and went into a home, Kira bought the place at a lower price because it needed doing up.
One of the neighbors she found out was a well known actor, not in the league of some of the top ones but had been in loads of films and tv shows. She hadn’t seen him yet nor some of the other neighbors but she didn’t mind, she was a bit of a loner and liked her own company.
After cutting all the lawn which was a task in itself, she started on the bushes. She cut down the laviteria which had died off and the ivy on one side. There were also 10 pampas grasses. Six of them just needed trimming but the four at the bedroom part of the garden had been allowed to get too big, 11ft high (15ft with the feathers) and they were too close to the trees to fire them. The only way to deal with them was to cut them down.
It took her two days just to cut the leaves off and she couldn’t believe how much came off them. However they were lethal, her arms and hands were cut and they also had some sort of irritant on them, like nettles only ten times worse and her arms stung.
Raking the stuff into three piles that would have to be burnt later, Kira got the saw and had to use that to get the bases of the grasses down. It was like wood inside and she ached after a couple of hours. As she was sawing the third one, she heard her door bell ring. It was wired so that you could hear it from the garden.
Damn!! She thought, hoping it wasn’t one of her friends who had said they would come to see her. She wanted to get all this done and she wasn’t in the mood for visitors. Walking up the garden, she went round the side of the house, not wanting to take all the bits through the house. There was a tall man standing there, his back to her.

“Can I help you?” she asked

He turned round and she recognized him as the actor who lived next door.

“Sorry to disturb you but have you got any electric or is it just mine that had gone off” he asked

“I have no idea, I’ve been in the garden all day. Hang on I will take a look, come round” she said

He followed her round the back of the house as she opened the French doors and turned on one the lights – nothing.

“No looks like I’m off too”

“Thanks thought it might be mine, I had some wiring done. It should be back on soon then. You just moved in?”

“Yes about two weeks ago…sorry Kira..Kira west” she said “Won’t shake your hand I am filthy”

“No problem” he said smiling “Arnold Vosloo”

“Yeah I did recognize you. Nice to meet you. Would you like a drink?” she asked

“That’s okay I can see you are busy”

“No please, I could do with a break, been wanting an excuse to stop. Have to be a cold drink though”

He thanked her and said he would have a beer if she had one. Kira grabbed an orange drink for herself and handed him a beer from the fridge. She told him to help himself to a glass on the counter.

“This is fine” he replied as he looked out of the window “You have done a lot out there. By yourself?”

“Yes I enjoy it, normally but this is hard work. Doesn’t look its been touched for years”

“I’ve been here 2 years and I knew the couple reasonably well. I offered to help but they wouldn’t have it. Seems they had a daughter who had bled them dry over the years. Made them ill and about 4 months ago, the man died and she was put in a home run by the state” he told her

“That’s sad, how come she never got the house?” kira asked

Arnold leaned against the door as he continued, Kira standing beside him.

“Not sure, someone said they had made a clause in the will that she wasn’t to have it. It was to be sold and the money to go to charity. She had had everything else. Look I have to go, sorry got someone coming round. Thanks for the beer hope to see you soon” he said

“That would be great, nice to meet you. Bye Arnold”

After he had gone, Kra went back to the garden. He seemed a nice man, she had seen a lot of his films but she was a down to earth sort of person and refused to put people on a pedestal just cause they were well known. She treated them like anyone else.
By the next afternoon, she had got the grasses down to the size she wanted but had loads of stuff to burn. But it had to be done as much as she hated bonfires. Raking it into two piles, she waited till most of the neighbors were out and set light to it.
Arnold was inside reading a script when he thought he smelt burning. Looking out of the window he spotted smoke coming from Kira’s garden. He guessed it was her but he thought he had better check, everything was dry round there at this time of year. Grabbing his denim jacket, he walked round to hers, through the gates and down to where the smoke was. There he saw Kira watching the stuff burn piling more on top as it got lower.

“Hi” he said “Saw the smoke thought I had better check it out”

“Oh hi Arnold. Sorry it wasn’t annoying you was it?”

He said no and explained about the area and fires at that time of year.

“I have a hose here ready” she replied “It should be okay. I had to get rid of it”

“I cant believe what you have done in here. It looks great”

“Thanks but I’ll be glad when this is burnt. I have had enough for one week” she laughed.

“Come on I’ll give you a hand” he said picking up some long leaves.

“Wow you sure. Look put these on, don’t pick them up with gloves. Look at my arms”

He looked and commented on how sore they looked. As they burned it, she told him how dangerous those things could be. Within an hour it was all finished and he used the hose to put out the remains.

“Thanks Arnold I really appreciate the help but your clothes are covered in smuts” she said.
“Oh they can be washed, it was a pleasure I needed something to get me away from reading any more scripts” he replied.

They walked up to the house and Kira made them both a cup a tea.

“Got some films lined up?” she asked

“A couple possibly” he replied “What you going to do now?

“Have a bath, get something to eat, I ache. You?” she asked putting her cup in the sink.

“Same…look I have a Jacuzzi at my place, why don’t you come over, it would ease the aches”

Thanks but can I take a rain check on that, I just want to sit down and watch some tv” Kira said

Arnold seemed a little disappointed but left it. Kira showed him out and thanked him again for his help. He went back to his place and putting the clothes in the laundry, stepped into the shower. He could have done with the company, he was fed up with being on his own. Some of the ‘friends’ he had were only friends cause of who he was. They wouldn’t want to know him if he was a shop assistant. Getting out of the shower, he decided to use the Jacuzzi anyway. So he turned the tv on and putting in a movie laid back in the hot water, adjusting the jets. He was almost asleep when he heard someone at his door. Reluctantly he got out, slipped on a robe and went to answer it.

“Hi, come to take you up on the offer, if that is okay” said Kira standing there.

“Of course it is” he replied with a smile “Come in. what changed you mind?”

“Well after I got changed and had a bite to eat I thought I had been a bit rude after you had helped me and you looked a bit put out when I said no”

She handed him a bottle of wine and he led her through to the back of the house when the jucuzzi was.

“I decided to use it anyway. Help yourself, I’ll get a couple of glasses” he told her

Kira took off her jeans and t shirt and stepped into it wearing a bikini. It was hot but relaxing. Arnold came back and handed her a glass and then taking off the robe, got back in.

“This is lovely, didn’t realize how much I ached till I got out of the bath earlier, I felt like an old woman” she told him

“Well you have been out there for a few days, how are your arms? They look worse”

She told him that they stung like hell when she got in the bath and now they had raised bits where the leaves had stung her. But it was her back that was the worst.

“I cant do what I used to a couple of years ago, I have arthritis in my back, knees and feet, its okay when I am doing something but when I stop that is when it starts hurting”

“Well this will help, I am glad you came over I really needed the company” he said

“You sound fed up, what’s wrong or is it private?” she asked

Arnold told her that he was between films, had been given some scripts to read and was supposed to be going to two film premieres that week but he really didn’t want to go and couldn’t at that moment think of a good excuse not to.

“Can’t you tell them you just don’t want to go?”

“It’s not that simple. The films are made by the director who wants to make the ones I have been reading. He hopes to promote the new films by saying that I am going to be the main character. It’s good PR but I really hate them and I don’t have anyone to go with me it would be boring on my own” he said

“There must be people you know there that are friends”

He explained that most of them were very false and only wanted to be with someone to show themselves off. True friendships rarely existed in Hollywood.

“I did hear that. I wouldn’t want to live in LA or have anything to do with Hollywood. But then I am not an actress, if I was I would stay in the UK, they have more opportunities over there in some ways”

“Someone else told me that. More wine?” he said pouring another glass “John Hannah he said he had made more series for the TV and films than he would have done over here. Not only that most of the women that you find in LA would not do what you have been doing. God forbid they might break a nail”

They both laughed at that comment but she knew what he meant and told him that she had never been afraid of hard work. As she looked at him she realized just how attractive he was in real life. He saw her looking and smiled. ‘God’ she thought those eyes and smile are more sexy than she remembered. She winced as she moved to put the glass on the side. He came over to her side of the jucuzzi.

“Face the side and lean on your arms” he said

“Why?” she asked

“Go on, trust me it will help”

So she did what he asked and felt him start to massage her shoulders and then lower back. It was wonderful what with the hot water as well. She nodded her approval when he asked if it was okay. He asked her what she had been thinking, she blushed and told him.

“I just think you are a better actor than the Tom Cruises of this world, personally I think he is a rubbish actor”

“Don’t tell him, his ego wouldn’t like it. So you on your own or is there a boyfriend in the picture?”

Kira told him briefly that she was divorced after five years in an abusive marriage but didn’t give him any details, at least not yet.

“I took a settlement and moved here but I don’t know for how long. I want to stay in the States but if I cant I will go back to the UK and rent the place” she said.

“That would be a shame” he replied.

Kira turned to face him and slowly their lips met, she closed her eyes to the kiss. Then he pulled away as if he had gone over the line. Kira took his arm.

“Can’t you do better than that” she said softly.

“Y…yes, do you want me to?” he asked

Pulling her down into a proper kiss, his tongue probing her lips to gain entry, which she readily gave. They both moaned into the kiss as she pushed him back in the water.
She moved down, nipping his neck and shoulder glancing up to see his head back and eyes closed. Sucking on his nipples produced louder moans from him as feelings of pleasure raced through him.
She lingered there till she knew he could take it no more and then moved lower, taking his hard shaft in her hand and stroked it gently, just enough to get him going. There was no way she could go down on him as the water was too deep but she slipped her bikini bottoms off as she stroked him and then lowered herself onto him.

“Ahhh…oh yesss.....god” he gasped.

He grabbed her hips as she lowered down and gripped him with her muscles. Gradually she started to ride him, slowly raising up and then down, making him gasp as she teased him a bit.

“Please…I need it faster….ohhhhhh” he gasped clutching her hips tighter.

“Okay…but touch me….with your finger” she whispered.

Arnold reached down and rubbed her nubbin circles as she started to ride him harder. Damn she had one hell of a job to concentrate as her world started to spiral and she felt her orgasm grow.

“Ahhh….ahhhh…oh god…yesss Arnold….ahhhh” she cried as she felt herself cuming.

Her juices washed over him inside her and he came almost at once, his warmth filling her, his moans louder as she collapsed onto his chest. Their breathing gradually evening out. Then she looked at him and claimed his lips, in small, soft kisses. Easing off him, she sat down beside him and he took her in his arms.

“That was great but I honestly didn’t ask you over here to have my way with you” he said

“Hey…shhh…you only kissed me, I was the one who took it further. I don’t normally go with a man I have only just met either. It seemed the right thing to do” Kira repled kissing him “And its been a long time since anyone has wanted to go with me, I wasn’t passing up the chance”

“How long?”

“Maybe another time. I don’t want to spoil this moment” she said

Half hour later they were sitting in his lounge, he had made some tea and they sat on the sofa talking. She said she would have to go soon and hoped they would see each other again soon.

“Oh you can count on it. You don’t have to go you know you can stay” he said

“No not tonight, I have some things to do, not that it wasn’t wonderful Arnold but…”

“Hey I understand, its okay honestly. This evening has been great, I just love your company….look can I ask you something?” he said

“Sure” she replied wondering what he wanted to know

“”How do you feel about coming with me to one of the premieres, I will understand if you say no but it would help me out to be honest and I wouldn’t have to chat with all the others if I was with someone”

“Can I think about it” she replied as he walked with her to the door.

Arnold nodded and she told him she would let him know in the morning. He kissed her deeply before she walked out of the door. As he shut it behind her he wondered if she would want to see him again. He hoped so. Kira smiled as she walked up her drive, still tasting him on her lips. Oh she was going with him but didn’t want to seem too eager, she would let him know though.

To be continued