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Rating – PG13
Summery – Something has happened to Evy since she returned from Ahm Shere and she starts to meddle again.


Something was going on with Evy O’Connell, she had changed dramatically since Ahm Shere. Rick couldn’t get near her anymore and so had reverted back to his own ways.
There were arguments, normally about her locking herself away in the Cairo museum in the Cairo museum for hours, sometimes days at a time. When asked about it, she dismissed it as him being paranoid and nosey.
It was nearly a year now and Rick was so fed-up, that he made arrangements to go on an expedition to find a tomb down in the south of Egypt. Alex was at boarding school in London which he seemed to like and Jonathan just kept out of the way most of the time.
About a week after Rick had gone, Evy packed a small bag and went to see Izzy. He was the man who helped them find Ahm Shere and brought them all back afterwards.

“Evy, nice to see you…what – no Rick?”

“No Izzy, it’s just me. Look I want you to take me somewhere, I have the money to pay you. Can you do it?” she asked.

“I’m free day after tomorrow, where do you want to go?” he asked.

She took the bag and opening it, took out a large bundle of money and handed it to Izzy.

“I need to go back to Ahm Shere” she said.

“No – no way…I’m not going back there…not ever”

“Izzy please, all I want you to do is take me there, leave me and you can come back here” she said.

“Leave you there…no way…I would get shot again…find someone else”

He went to pick up some papers and walked back to his tent in the middle of the Magic Carpet grounds. Evy followed him, bringing out another bundle of money. She grabbed his arm.

“Izzy please…it’s important to me”

Izzy looked at the money. This was more than he had got the first time round. Take her and then come back – that’s what she said. He took the money.

“Okay…but I come back, I’m not staying. Why do you want to go back to that place again?” he asked.

“No questions Izzy, you wouldn’t understand. I’ll be here tomorrow night, I want to leave at dawn. Oh and please – don’t tell anyone”

The man agreed, the money would get him another dirigible…who was he to care why she wanted to go back.

“Just one question…how are you going to get back?”

“Oh don’t worry about that, you’ll find out, everyone will find out”

She smiled as she left and he suddenly felt a chill go up his spine. He wished he had never said yes. Still he put the thought to the back of his mind as he had work to do.
Evy arrived at Izzy’s the next night about 10pm and he showed her where she could sleep, they would leave at 4am. It would only take them a day to get there as he remembered the way and had charted it, just in case.
Throughout the journey, Evy never said a thing about Ahm Shere, just chatted about normal things. Then just as the sun was rising the day after, they passed through the mountains to where Ahm Shere was or what was left of it. There seemed to be nothing but sand. However as they got closer, a small tip of the pyramid could be seen poking out of the sand.

“Drop me off here, hand me the bags and then go back to Cairo. Thank you for bringing me here” she said kissing him on the cheek.

“No problem but I want you to let me wait and take you back. I don’t like the idea of leaving you out here alone and with no transport” he said.

“I’ll be fine, trust me Izzy please”

The man shrugged his shoulders and started up the engine and started to fly off, watching Evy as he went. In that moment, he made a decision, he would leave it a few days and then come back. He couldn’t just leave her there.
Evy watched him go and then put her tent up and unpacked her bags. A while later she emerged, dressed in the clothes of Nefretiri and walked to where the tip of the pyramid was. Then she started to chant in Ancient Egyptian, making the Eye of Horus, then knelt before the pyramid, her head bowed.
For a while nothing happened but then the ground began to shake. Evy got up and walked back to a safe distance from the tip of the pyramid. Suddenly a wind blew up, swirling the sand around, not quite touching Evy but making her scared all the same. The sand continued to be churned up, making the sky dark as it rose above the desert, looking very much like the wall of sand that Imhotep had created that day, long ago.
Evy was on her knees and started to chant again in the ancient language as the sands started to subside. Then when it seemed to be quiet, she looked up. The pyramid stood there in all its glory. As she stood to gaze upon it, a rumble made her look up and she saw that the tip of it was opening, like a box. As she watched black smoke rose high into the air, blocking the sun.
With it came a noise, a sort of roaring and yet, it also reminded her of something she had heard a long time ago. Then she realized that it wasn’t smoke. She tried to make out what it was and then she saw them – locusts – hundreds of them flying out of the pyramid.
Izzy wasn’t that far away, the engine of the dirigible was playing up and as he fixed it, he heard the rumble and saw the day turn into night. Rushing around to get the engine going, he turned back and as he came close to the spot where he dropped Evy off, he saw the pyramid. As large as it was that day a year ago. Out of the top was this cloud of what he also assumed was smoke, then he heard the noise and getting his binoculars, focused on the ‘smoke’ and saw what they were.

“Shit…what the hell…damn what is that woman doing?” he said loudly.

Then, as the cloud seemed to disperse around the pyramid, he saw something that scared out of him the living daylights. A creature, that he estimated to be ten foot tall, emerged from the pyramid as well. It seemed to fly down to where Evy was now kneeling again. From what he could see, it had a large head, much like a lion or some other wild animal, on the head were seven horns, each with a crown.
At that moment, if a black man could have turned white as a sheet, then Izzy was the color of snow. He had to get out of there before that thing saw him. He needed to get help and the only people he knew for this job were the Med-jai. Turning the dirigible around, he flew away from Ahm Shere, towards where he thought the Med-jai camp was about twenty miles the other side of Cairo.
Evy knelt before this creature from the pyramid, made the Eye of Horus with her hands and bowed her head.

“Oh great Abbadon, welcome” she said “I am your humble servant and am here to serve you”

“You are alone” boomed a voice.

“Yes” she replied.

“Then come, we have work to do. We have a world to conquer. But if you don’t obey me in all things, I will destroy you as easily as I would this stone” he said picking up a stone and crushing it in his hand.

For the first time Evy looked at the creature and was terrified of what she had invoked from the depths of the pyramid. But she wanted power and Abbadon could help her as long as she served him. She followed him to an entrance that had appeared at the base of the structure. The locusts had gathered around it and parted as they walked towards the doorway.
As she walked behind Abbadon, she saw the locusts close up for the first time. They looked like small horses, ready for battle, with what she thought, looked like human faces, large teeth and tails like the scorpion, curled over their backs and of course the large wings. She estimated that they were about a foot long.
Abbadon led her into the depths of the pyramid, onwards they went, down endless passageways and stairs to a great room. Around the room were pools, black water that seemed to have a life of their own. Faces appeared every so often and the air was filled with moans. It seemed to be the very bowels of hell down there.
Suddenly, as if she had woke from a dream, she looked around and wondered what she was doing there. Looking up, she saw the creature as if for the first time and collapsed to the floor. A little later she came round and suddenly everything came back to her and she wished she had never started this.
It was all because of a book she had found at the museum. It was in a gilt box, which was locked and had been for thousands of years. She knew over the years that it was never to be opened and the book inside, never to be read, and she had obeyed this until she knew she was Nefretiri in a previous life. She would just have to be careful.
One night, when Rick was out, she took the box from it’s place in the museum vault and carried it into the study. Picking up a small knife, she broke the lock on the box. Then sitting down, she opened the lid and looked inside. There was dust and sand from years ago but under this was a book. It wasn’t very big but was covered in small jewels and also had a lock on the side. It took a while but she managed to get this off without damaging the book and then laying the book on the desk, opened it at the first page.
The book had been split into two parts, the first few pages told of this demon called Abbadon, who was banished to the depths of the underworld by the rulers of the time over 4000 years ago. He had been a shaman and philosopher but also got into the black arts of ancient Egypt. As he got more involved, he planned murders and uprisings, a lot of people died because of him.
Then he tried to invoke the ancient demons of the underworld and tried to use them to take over Egypt. When the pharaoh found out and saw all the devastation that he had caused, he was sentenced to death.
The manner of his death was similar to the Homdai that destroyed Imhotep a thousand years later. He was stripped of all his assets and property, his books and papers were either destroyed or locked away, never to be opened again. He was then taken to Ahm shere, which was a sacred place in those days. Led inside by the High Priests he was taken down to the very base of the pyramid, where he was stripped and chained to the wall of the darkest chamber in the pyramid.
Prayers were said to the great Anubis and Osiris and several other rituals were performed by the priests. A sarcophagus was placed over him and secured to the wall by large bolts. Here he was left, chained and locked up. Just before they did leave, hundreds of locusts were released in the room, the noise would drive the man unsane long before he died. They would survive for years as there was a good supply of water in the pools. The Priests left and the place was sealed up, so no-one could hear the screams of the man inside.
The book told the reader that if he could be raised, he could take over the world and destroy everything in it.
The sensible side of Evy told her to leave the thing alone, she had done enough damage with Imhotep and the scorpion King. But the side of her that was Nefretiri told her different. She had found herself becoming more and more like the woman she had been in a previous life. It was like a trance like feeling that came over her and she could not stop herself from doing the things that Nefretiri seemed to want her to do. She started to read some the instructions for the incantations. The High Priests had put them down there on a piece of papyrus, to be handed down to future priests. When Evy was finished, she fell asleep at the desk and remembered nothing much of what had gone on when she awoke. But she always went back later in the day.
Izzy managed to fly to Cairo without any more problems with the engine but had to land at the Magic Carpet to make permanent repairs. He would have to ride out to the Med-jai camp on his horse, which he still couldn’t get the hang of and he had been riding for a few years now. He was much more at home in mechanical modes of transport.

“Johnson, I have to leave on important business. I want the engines on this thing in perfect working order by the time I get back” Izzy shouted.

“Why the rush, I have this to finish first” the man replied.

“Just drop it, I mean it, I need this done okay” he said

“Okay, okay, I’ll start on it right away” moaned Johnson.

Izzy grabbed a bag with supplies in it and mounting the horse, rode out of the compound at top speed without falling off, he hoped. He could be at the Med-jai camp within a few hours with any luck and he hoped that Ardeth or Masala were going to be there. Assuming of course they recognized him and didn’t decide to shoot him as an intruder. People had a horrible habit of shooting him for no reason.
As he got nearer the camp, he saw three riders coming towards him, he hoped it was the Med-jai and not anyone else who weren’t friendly. They stopped as they reached each other.

“Are you lost?” asked on of the men.

“No, my name is Izzy, I am looking for Ardeth Bay, it’s very important” he replied.

“He is at the camp, come with us” they said.

The man followed the riders for the last mile to the camp where he saw several tents, a fire and men mulling around. They rode in and one of the men spoke to someone who ran to the far tent. A few seconds later a man came out who Izzy recognized as Ardeth.

“This man wants to see you Ardeth” said one of the riders getting off his horse.

“Izzy…what brings you out here?” asked Ardeth shaking his hand.

He thanked the men and welcomed Izzy to the camp.

“Ardeth, thank God, I must speak with you” said Izzy.

“Okay, calm down, come into my tent…MASALA” he shouted.

Ardeths second in command came over and followed the men into the tent. Ardeth offered Izzy a coffee, which he took.

“Now, what’s all this about?” asked Ardeth.

Izzy paced the floor as he related everything that had happened and what he had seen. Ardeth looked pale.

“Abbadon, you mean this stupid woman has once again raised something that is more dangerous than Imhotep. When will she ever learn” said Ardeth loudly.

“I came here because I didn’t know what else to do” said Izzy “Who is Abbadon?”

Ardeth wasn’t saying anything, he was looking out of the tent, his mind going over what he had been told. Masala answered Izzy.

“He is one of the most powerful creatures that we have had to guard. It is written that if he were raised, he would destroy every living thing that he came across. I can’t understand how she managed to do this. Even we have no knowledge of the spells that would bring him back from the underworld” he said.

“There isn’t just him either” said Izzy

Ardeth turned back and looked at the man, worried.

“What else Izzy?” he asked

“Locusts, hundreds of them but they are not normal. They are huge, this big” he said showing them with his hands. “They were flying around and then landed on the ground around this creature”

“Allah help us” said Ardeth “She has also raised his helpers. They will stalk the land first, killing anything that gets in their way”

“Where is Rick?” asked Masala “He is normally with her”

“On a dig I think, Evy never really mentioned him. From what she said, they were not together and he knows nothing of this” replied Izzy.

“Do you know where he is exactly?” asked Ardeth “We are going to need him”

“Possibly saccara, I don’t really know” replied the man.

Ardeth shouted to some of his men and told them to get ready and to go and find Rick. He would ride to Cairo and meet them at the museum. He needed to see the curator who had taken over when the last one was killed by Imhotep.

“He is involved in our tribe” said Ardeth “I want to know how she managed to raise this creature and why”

The men left to find Rick while Ardeth, Izzy, Masala and three others rode to Cairo. They were there in a couple of hours and went straight to the museum. The curator was in his office when they walked in.

“Ardeth, Masala, Izzy, how nice to see you, what brings you here?” he asked.

“Evy, she has raised Abbadon and we want to know why and more importantly how. The book about him with the spells was locked away, never to be opened. How on earth did she get it and what is her purpose?” asked Ardeth.

“ABBADON!” the man exclaimed “So that’s what she’s been up to. She must have found out how to do it some other way, the chest is in the vault”

“Are you sure, have you checked?” asked Masala.

“I have had no need to but come we will go and look” he said

The curator unlocked his drawer and took out some keys, getting them to follow him to the vault under the museum. Going in, he went to another vault at the far end of the room. Unlocking the door and using the combination, he opened the inner vault.

“It’s gone but I don’t see how, she didn’t know the combination. I am the only one who knew it and I change it once a month for that very reason” he said.

“Well she found out somehow” replied Ardeth “Now we have to find a way to stop him and her. you said she had been up to something, what was it?”

As they went back upstairs, the curator explained.

“She had become obsessed with finding out all about her previous life and would lock herself in the study for hours, days at a time, only coming out to eat. Her work has been suffering and Rick finally had enough and left. Jonathan is around somewhere but even he was puzzled by her behavior. He said to me the other day, that she seemed to be like two people. One minute Evy and then someone else”

“Look I need to see the books she had been reading, we have to find out why she has done this. Also find out a way to stop it” said Masala.

Just then Jonathan came in and after greeting him, they told him what his sister had been up to.

“Oh God, not again. I gave up trying to talk to her the last couple of weeks and then she disappeared three days ago. I didn’t think much of it at the time, just glad to have her out of my hair for a while. She was becoming impossible to live with. The last time I spoke to her, it was like I was speaking to a stranger and then suddenly she was okay” he said.

“It sounds like she has been taken over by this previous life and then remembers nothing about it” said Masala “Could that be?”

“That would explain a few things” said the curator “When I have spoken to her a few times, she would either be very abrupt or the normal Evy”

“That’s the same as me” said Jonathan “Sometimes she is the sister I know and then others, it’s like a strange person”

“Will you help us Jonathan?” asked Ardeth “We could do with all the help we can get”

“Do I have to? Yes I suppose I do, yuk, mummies, demons and scorpion kings. And I thought relics would be a safe job” he said.

He hated it all, was a coward really but had proved himself a good friend in times of crisis. Ardeth remembered how he had saved his life at Ahm Shere.

Evy looked at Abbodon and saw that he had the features of a man and that the lions head and crowns were a mask. She had seen exactly what Abbadon wanted to do. He intended to destroy every living thing with his army of locusts, on the way to Cairo where he would hide for a while. There were things in the museum that he needed.

“You will get me into the museum, from there I will control my army and destroy everything” he said.

Evy wondered how the hell she was going to get out of this one and decided to play it by ear and make him think she was on his side, at least for now. Unless Nefretiri took over her again.

“What do I get out of this, if I help you, I want power too” she said

Abbodon walked over and grabbed her by the throat.

“You will have whatever power I say you can have. You are alive to serve me and to do as I say. If I think you have done well then I will reward you, if not, I will kill you” he replied “So what is it to be?”

He pushed her to the ground. She realized that if she didn’t play along, at least for now, she would die.

“I will serve you, I just thought I would get something for raising you” she said.

Abbadon was going to strike her but then thought about it. He needed her but only for a short while. She had no idea what was at the museum that would give him more power than she could ever imagine. Then she could be destroyed anyway. But he had no intention of sharing the power with anyone.

“You are right, I will allow you one thing, anything you want, within reason” he said.

At that moment she wished that either she was miles away or that someone could help her. Suddenly she had a thought, there was one person who could or might be able to help her. Someone on the same sort of level as Abbadon. It was a risk but she had to do something, she was on her own out there.

“Imhotep…I want Imhotep” she said.

He turned quickly, his face full of anger. Then he walked away and seemed to be thinking. Imhotep…now he was not and never could be stronger than he was or could become, he would be no real threat and could be an ally and serve him better than this woman could. At the end of the day, he would destroy him as well and send both of them to the underworld.

“Very well, you shall have him. Neither of you are a threat to me. Let it be done” he said.

He led her to a room, where a large stone table stood and he told her to bring the chest in the corner over and place it on the table. Then he went back to where the black pools were. Evy was scared and wondered what she was going to do when Imhotep realized that it was her that had raised Abbadon and brought him back. She hoped that he would see it her way.
Stepping into one of the pools, he disappeared for a few minutes. Then he emerged, carrying a body, covered in the black slime that filled the pools. Walking back to where Evy was, he placed the body on the table. Then opening the chest, he brought out a small phial and poured some liquid into the persons mouth after wiping the slime away. Then he called upon the Gods of the underworld. A glow surrounded the body on the table causing it to move. Evy watched in amazement.
Then abbadon picked up the body and walked into another small room, just off the one they were in. He told the woman to wait. A few minutes later, she heard a noise behind her and turning saw a man walking towards her. he was dressed in the robes of a High Priest.

“YOU!” he said.

“Imhotep, welcome back” she said.

Abbadon came in behind them and they turned to look at him, Imhotep had heard about the creature and even he had never wanted to raise him. Now someone had and he fell to his knees, terrified and puzzled at why he had been brought back. Then he realized that Evy must have been the one to do it but why was she dressed in the clothes of Nefretiri.

“This woman asked for you as a reward for her services to me” said Abbadon “I agreed because I have nothing to fear from anyone, least of all you. Even Anubis bows down before me. You will serve me and do my bidding as the woman does. If not I will destroy you along with her and everything else. Now get ready to go to Cairo, where my quest for domination of the world begins”

Evy and Imhotep picked up some things and walked outside to where three camels had mysteriously appeared. This was the first time he had had a chance to talk to Evy.

“Why…why bring me back…I was happy to stay where I was, after what anksunamun did to me. And why raise this creature, even I would have never attempted that” he said.

“I was taken over by my previous existence, this person wanted power. I found the book and it was Nefretiri that raised him. Once that was done she released her hold on me” she told him.

“Okay, but why bring me back, you were the ones who destroyed me, twice” he said.

“When I realized what had been done, there was no going back. I don’t know how to destroy him again or even if he can be. For once I need your help Imhotep. You could be the only one who knows how to send him back. Oh God what have I done. Why can’t I ever learn to leave things alone” she said.

Imhotep put the stuff on the camel and looked at her. He remembered the look on her face when he was clinging to the wall at the edge of that pool, when the woman he loved ran out on him. If there was a way that she could have saved him, he believed that she would have done. Then he remembered Rick and the Med-jai.

“If Rick or Ardeth Bay see me, they will destroy me again without a thought” he said “How do we persuade them that I am on your side this time. After all it was you who caused all this again”

“I know, I have to try, we have to try. Once we are back at the museum, maybe we can get away from him and warn the others. They have no idea what I have done yet. But be careful of the locusts, over there, they are his army. In fact I fear them more than him at the moment” she said.

“If I help you, you have to promise to send me back. Without her I have no reason to be here and take over the world. Everything I did was for her and then she deserted me. Do you know what happened to her?” he said.

“As far as we know she fell into a pool of scorpions and then was sucked down with the pyramid. I am sorry”

Evy put a hand on his arm. She had never been near him since that day in the market square, when he had led her away. Then she was terrified of him, now she needed him. He looked at her and a smile crossed his face as he put a hand on her face.

“Maybe we can be friends after all” he said “What do you intend to do?”

“Well he wants to go back to the museum, he says there is something there that will make him even stronger” she said “But I don’t know of anything”

“What about the book that you used to raise him” he asked

“I didn’t actually use the book, I read the incantations and memorized them, the book is still at the museum in my office”

Imhotep asked if she read all the book and she told him only the first part. She had never looked at the second part of the book, it was still wrapped in the old linen that had covered the first part of the book.

“That must it, there must be something in there that he needs, we have…”

He stopped as Abaddon came over. He had disguarded the mask and was now a normal size guy so he could blend in but his eyes glowed red and he showed them that he was not to be trifled with.

“Never think you can destroy me, either of you, I am stronger than the Scorpion King even Anubis bows before me. Lets go”

They mounted the camels that were still wandering around Ahm Shere and headed for Cairo, Abaddon taking the lead. It would take them 2 days to reach it.
Ardeth didn’t think Rick would come to help them now, it seemed he had not gone to Saccara but to London to be with Alex.

“Do we get in touch with him” asked Jonathan

“No, we haven’t enough time, we must deal with this ourselves” said Masala “But where do we start?”

The curator came in with some books that he said Evy had been reading, they didn’t give much away but they learned that they had one week in which to destroy Abaddon or he would be indestructible. There was a list of creatures that could be useful to him and which he could raise if he needed to and a list of those who were of no use to him at all. Ardeth studied this.

“Allah help us, if he raises any one of these creatures the world will be destroyed”

“I suppose Imhotep is one of them and the scorpion king” asked Jonathan “I don’t relish meeting them again”

“No, those two are of no use to him, their powers don’t even come close to this creature, he wont bother about them” said Ardeth “After reading this, I would prefer them, I don’t know what can destroy this. You know of nothing in the museum that could help us?”

“No, if we could find the book, it might” replied the curator.

“What about her office where these were, maybe its there, Izzy said she didn’t have a book with her” said Jonathan

They all went into the room and started looking around but found nothing. Jonathan sat in her chair, moaning about how uncomfortable it was.

“She never replaced this old thing then Peter” he said to the curator “A comfortable office chair would be nice”

“That’s it, stand up Jon” said Ardeth looking at the chair.

It was a replica of a throne found in Tutankhamen’s tomb. He studied it and feeling underneath, they heard a click and the front panel fell away revealing a hidden compartment. Inside was the chest containing the book.

“Wow” said Jon “Didn’t know it did that”

“A lot of the chairs and beds had secret panels in them, the pharaohs liked to hide special bits of treasure in them so that no one could find them” said Ardeth as they opened the chest it was in.

“Look, this is in two parts and this part has not been touched” said Masala

“This could contain details of what this Abaddon is after” said the curator “we have to be a bit careful”

After a while of looking at it they all turned pale.

“Oh my God, if he gets this then not only this world is in danger but the whole universe, we have to prevent him finding it” said the curator.

“That’s fine but where do you suggest” asked Jon

“The old museum, we can put it there”

“But I thought this was the old museum” asked Masala

The curator told him no, the old museum was about a mile away or at least what was left of it. It was destroyed by fire in the late 19th century but the building itself was still there.

“Oh that old place, I often wondered what that was” said Masala “But where in there can it be put, if he wants it he will find it”

“Come I’ll show you”

Evy rode close to Imhotep, she was worried about her other self taking over again and told him.

“Do you have any of your powers now?” she asked “Is there anything you can do to stop Nefretiri taking over”

“They are coming back the longer I am here and I can stop her but she is part of you, do you really want her stopped?” he asked

“I have to stop her, she will destroy me too, after all it was her that summoned Abaddon. I never thought in a million years that I would ask for your help but I am begging you Imhotep, please help me stop this”

Imhotep nodded and told her that they would have to stop to rest soon, it was almost dark, he would see what he could do then. He still wasn’t sure about trusting her, she had destroyed him twice but he could see she was in over her head this time and for once it wasn’t evy that was causing it. He remembered what Nefretiri was like all those years ago and she was learning more and more about the evil arts, some that even he, as high priest wouldn’t have touched.

“We stop here” said Abaddon “we carry on at dawn. Do not try anything stupid or I will kill you and go on alone”

“What the hell do you want?” asked Imhotep “The gods sent your soul to hell as they did mine. I know what I was after, power to rule the world with the woman I loved that is why I risked all but they all knew that all you wanted was to destroy anything you touched. As a man you killed thousands of innocent people, destroyed cities, whole civilizations, that is why Ra banished you”

“And that is the reason I want revenge on Ra and the world and any other world that gets in my way. As for you Imhotep, you put your trust in a woman and what did she do, she left you when you needed her most, she was a coward. I know your powers are strong but they are no match for mine in any way. Of course if you want to try please go ahead, I will have great pleasure in sending you back and you can take her with you”

He gave them a demonstration by lifting Imhotep up just by willing it and throwing him against a large rock, Evy shouted at him and he went to do the same thing with her but shook his head and walked away. He still needed her to give him the book.
She ran over to Imhotep who was stunned for a few moments and helped him up.

“Are you alright?” she asked

“Yes, I don’t know how I am going to beat him, I have never felt such power” he replied “It is pure evil, even I have never possessed that kind of power”

“Imhotep, you’re bleeding” she said touching his head “But how, you only did that before when you were mortal”
“My God, my powers are weakening, not getting stronger. It must be him, somehow he must be draining them, but how”

“I don’t know, maybe the answer lies at the museum, something that will help you, us destroy him” she said “Oh no I have just remembered something….Izzy brought me out here, he could have gone to Ardeth when Abaddon appeared, he made enough noise with the locusts as well”

“If he did then Ardeth could be waiting at the museum or on the way there. When he sees me he is going to assume that I am helping him and not on your side for once” said Imhotep

“Then I am going to have to convince him before he does anything and hope he believes me”

“That is if we can get to him, Abaddon will stop us at every turn, Ardeth will be killed too as will anyone else who gets in the way until he finds that book and then we might as well kill ourselves because there will be no world left to rescue”

The curator took them through the old museum, down some stone stairs and into a large vault, very much like the place they had just left, however at the far wall there was a statue, it looked like it was part of the building but when the curator reached behind it and lifted a lever, it swung open, revealing a hidden room.

“we can put the book here, it will be safe so that only we can see it and find out what we can use to send this Abaddon back to where he came from”

Just then one of the other Medjai came in and told Ardeth that Evy and two men were at the other museum.

“One of them must be Abaddon, he can take the shape of anything he wishes but do you know who the other man was?” asked Ardeth

“Yes My lord, it was Imhotep”

“Imhotep! Why would he raise him, he is of no use to him, there has to be a good reason why that creature was brought back” Ardeth replied “Okay lets get over there, we will take the back way and try and find out what is going on without letting them know we are there”

“But aren’t we going to destroy them?” asked Jon

“How? You tell me how? At this moment I have no idea how to do that. Masala you and the curator stay here and see what you can find in that book. Jon, you come with me and Abdul”

“We can’t, we didn’t bring the book with us, we thought it would be alright there until we made sure that this place was safe” said the curator

“You idiot” replied Ardeth “we must hope we are not too late, if they have the book already….”

Evy led them into her office where the book was sitting on the desk. She knew that Ardeth must have been there and probably still was. She had to play for time.

“Bring me the book” shouted Abaddon

“No…I cant let you destroy everything” she replied holding a cigarette lighter to the linen “I will burn it first”

A bolt of energy came from Abaddon and hit her hand, burning it so that she dropped the book. Imhotep ran forward and grabbing it, dodged another bolt and was out of the door. The lighter had been a signal from her for him to do this but she hadn’t gambled on being burnt.
As Imhotep ran out of the room, he went down the corridor and bumped straight into Ardeth.

“So you were here to get the book for him” snarled Ardeth “Where is he?”

“You have it wrong Ardeth, this time….I just got the book from him, he is in there with Evy, she was the one who brought me back to help….you have to believe me”

“Why the hell should we believe you” shouted jon “You tried to kill us all last time”

None of them noticed Abaddon come out of the room and going back to his former shape, sent several bolts of energy at the group as he saw them standing there. One of the Medjai was killed, Jonathan and the curator knocked out. Imhotep grabbed Ardeth and fled into the adjoining room and shut the door.

“Have you any idea how to stop this creature?” he asked him


Behind them a door opened and they thought it was him but it was Evy. She ran over to them and asked if they were okay.

“Please believe Imhotep this time, he speaks the truth, he IS trying to help me” she said

“But you were the one who brought him here” said Ardeth

“It was Nefretri, she is the one who wanted the power, Imhotep filled me in a her activities back then. Please Ardeth watch the door….Imhotep, quickly we have to find something in here”

They ripped off the linens and opened the other part of the book. They quickly scanned the pages to find the spell Imhotep had told her she needed to destroy Abaddon. Suddenly the door flew open and he struck Imhotep with a bolt, sending him across the room with the book. Evy dived under the desk and managed to reached the book before the creature got it. Imhotep was out cold or dead, she didn’t know. Ardeth knew better than to cross this creature but tried to distract him for a few minutes.
Evy found what she wanted and standing, she started to chant the spell that would hopefully destroy Abaddon. It was to summon Ra, the only God who could do it.

“Great beast of the sky, please hear my cry, Transform thyself from orb of light and bring me victory in this fight. Envelope the desert with your glow and cast your rage upon my foe. Unlock your powers deep within so that together we may win”

Abaddon stopped dead as he found himself unable to move. The room filled with a light and part of it hit the book Evy was holding. As she looked at where the light shine, she saw words appearing on the page. It told her that whoever spoke the following words would have power over the creature and could destroy it.

“Osta behafta mahala adforee harho mikton.…”Inta alfassol ala kemel altanhea oshealanna, I eana-a-toot wah ta howl ila torah ben Karleet” she began

Abaddon screamed as a fiery phoenix appeared from above him and enveloping him in its wings, they both disappeared as did the book from her hands. For a moment she was scared and then she looked around. Ardeth was getting up from behind the large chair and Imhotep was waking up…he was alive. She ran over to him.

“Did you see that…what was it?” she asked him

“Ra…it was Ra….” He replied holding his head

“He has gone….has been destroyed?” she said

“Yes…no one can bring him back unless someone reads the book again” said Ardeth

“The book has gone too, Ra took that back with him to the underworld” said Imhotep

Ardeth walked over as Evy helped Imhotep into a chair, the others were coming into the room now as they realized it was over.

“So you were telling the truth this time….” He said

“Yes he was” replied Evy “He told me exactly how to send him back, he is also going to help me stop Nefretiri from ever bothering me again”

“I will do that, then you have to send me back” he said

“I know” she replied “Come, we will go there now, I want to be rid of her as soon as possible. Ardeth would you stay here until I return”

“Of course, but where are you going?”

“It has to be done at the place where she was strongest and that is Karnak. That is where she spent most of her adult life after her brother became pharaoh”

Jon looked a little pleased when he said that but Evy laughed.

“I don’t think he meant you Jon” she said

“Typical, she has a previous life but I am just me” he said “not fair”

“Will you be alright alone with…him” said Ardeth

“Yes…I will be fine, this time”

They left the museum and Evy said she would get Izzy to take them but Imhotep said no.

“I can take you, like I took you to Hamunaptra that time”

“Oh dear do we have to?” she asked “Okay let’s get it over with”

In a swirl of sand they disappeared and not long after arrived at Karnak. Imhotep led her through the columns and into an inner temple, in the middle was a pool, he beckoned her to sit.

“Can you really stop Nefretiri?” she asked him “I am trusting you here, you haven’t let me down so far this trip but…..”

“You are still unsure of me aren’t you? Not that I blame you. I did kill your father all those centuries ago and kidnap your son, so my record isn’t good” replied Imhotep

“I know and I haven’t fully forgiven you for my son but we did survive and as for my father, that was another lifetime. So what do I have to do?”

He told her to relax and to look into the pool. A mist surrounded them and she saw herself, centuries ago, long after her father had been murdered. Her brother, whom she hated was pharaoh and Imhotep had been long since subjected to the Homdai. A new priest was in charge and he was evil, he was influencing her brother to do things that her father would never have entertained. One night he came to her room and raped her and then blackmailed her into doing his bidding.

“No….oh no” she said fighting the visions.

Imhotep brought her out of the trance and she collapsed to the ground in tears. He asked is she was okay.

“Yes…I will be fine…is all this true what I have seen?”

“I cannot saw you things that never happened. You became evil in a sense because of your brother but you didn’t want to, you were a good person up till then. It is your brothers influence from beyond the grave that is still in charge of that side of Nefretiri and the side we need to get rid of. Do you still want to go ahead?” he asked

Evy nodded and she went back to the visions, a few years later now. Her brother had been killed and another pharaoh was sitting on the throne. She tried to go back to her old ways of good but somehow, something always stopped her. In the distance she heard Imhoteps voice.

“Look in the wall, behind the mirror, find the vile, the potion that keeps you under his influence. You have to destroy it, that is the only way out” he said

Evy looked round the room at the mirror and lifting it off the wall, found a small door. Opening it she found inside a vile, shaped like a canopic jar. She went to pick it up and she heard her brother, taunting her, laughing at her, telling her that she would die if she destroyed it. Above this voice was Imhotep, telling her fight it, to bring the vile into the present. She felt hands on her face and his voice calling her back. She opened her eyes and fell into Imhoteps arms, the vile in her hand.

“I thought for a moment I had lost you….come on focus, you have to destroy it, only then can you be free of his evil influence” he told her

She took the cork out of the bottle and was about to tip it into the pool and then break the vile when they were thrown across the floor by a black force. Evy was unconscious but Imhotep turned to face the evil that had appeared.

“You dare to try to destroy me and my sister” said Kharis “You who killed my father, think you have that right. I will send you back to the homdai and make it even worse than before”

“It is your sister who is destroying you, which she should have done many centuries ago” replied Imhotep

“She would never do that to me, she needs me and through me will rule the world using whatever means we can”

Evy had come round and heard what he said, she got up and walked over to imhotep.

“You alright?” he asked

“Yes…Imhotep has nothing to do with this except to help me. I want you out of my life, this life not the old one, that has gone. I am the one who will destroy you” she said

“Never…and to prove how powerful I still am, I will start with getting rid of our fathers murderer”

With that he looked at Imhotep who suddenly couldn’t breath, a crushing feeling tightened round his neck and he fell to the ground.

“IMHOTEP! Kharis stop this….NOW” she screamed at him

Her brother let go the grip and walked towards Evy.

“You are worried about him…it is ME you should care about and I am going to finish him off so you will”

Just then Evy remembered the words they used to get rid of Abaddon and wondered if they would work on him. She spoke them as she backed off from her brother. The next thing she saw was Ra as the phoenix grabbing her brother despite the screams from him and disappear into the pool along with the vile. It was over.
She ran over to Imhotep was still laying very still, she felt his pulse, he was alive. Taking the water bottle from her bag she soaked a cloth and laid it on his head, slowly he started to come round.

“Your brother….where is he?”

“It’s over, I summoned Ra, he took him back to the underworld. I have nothing to fear from that side of Nefretiri again…thank you”

She helped him sit up and looked at his throat where red marks showed. He coughed as he got his breath back and looked at her smiling.

“I am glad for you, now you can live your life safely here and in ancient times if you wish. You will still go back, that is your destiny and you will learn many things. I am sorry I destroyed a lot of it. Now you have to send me back, you promised me that”

“I…I don’t want to send you back…I think you could do good here, you have proved to me that you are not evil. I believe that even you were influenced by the evil side of my brother or at least Anksunamon was, I think she used that to make you kill my father and bring her back from the dead”

“The Medjai will never let me stay nor with Rick, he for one will destroy me given the chance”

“Rick has long gone Imhotep…we were fooling ourselves after Ahm Ahere, I had changed and not all because of Kharis, Alex saw what was going on and it was his decision to go to London. I know Rick is there now but he wont be coming back to me. So please Imhotep don’t make me send you back” she said

“I don’t know if I can live in this time…I”

Evy took his face in her hands and looked into his eyes.

“I did this once to stop you killing Rick and I had no choice now I am doing it because I want to” she said

With that she kissed him, gently at first and then when he responded she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked surprised by what she had done

“Yes…we will have problems and we have to convince Ardeth at least that you have changed but I think in time we will work it out….come on lets go home”

She stood up and held her hand out to him. He took it and they walked out of Karnak and headed back to Cairo.

“By the way, I think you will look great in jeans” she said smiling.

“What? I don’t think so” he said

“Come on, where’s the swirl of sand to take us back….yes jeans”

He took her in his arms and they were gone.