Yet more "reconciliation-industry" exploiters at Ani


June 17th, 2017, 7:15 pm #1

"“Art, Space, Mobility in Early Ages of Globalization”: A Project, Multiple Dialogue, and Research Program"
By Hannah Baader, Avinoam Shalem & Gerhard Wolf ... src=recsys&

The text is full of deliberately deceptive weasel wording.

For example, a lie that is an undisputed lie (the claimed destruction of the Abu’l Muamran by Armenians in 1919) is presented as merely what "one side" says and the truth (as documented in dozens of 19th-century photographs) that it had collapsed by the 1890s is misrepresented as being only what another side "claims". So, in the eyes of these corrupt "academics", truth and lie are given equal importance and equal status because that, under their ideology, is what "mutual reconciliation" requires.