Turkish visitors to Magazberd fortress


January 8th, 2017, 3:35 pm #1

http://www.serhatbirikim.com.tr/haber-s ... -4843.html

They look like a bunch of dorky tourists with their selfy sticks and unnecessary pairs of walking sticks and best leisure sports clothing! And probably the experience was wasted on them - to have the chance to actually go down to the riverbank is all but unheard of, I don't think anyone has ever examined the bottom end of the passageway that rises from there up to the castle.

The group must have had permission from the Turkish military since they went to Magazberd via Üçbölük village, which hosts the Turkish army's border observation post for that part of the border. Their return journey avoided this village and went directly to the Esenkent-Digor road (the waterfall they photograph is located just to the east of this road).