Excavations in church of Handaberd in Nagorno Karabagh

Excavations in church of Handaberd in Nagorno Karabagh


December 3rd, 2004, 6:00 pm #1


3 Dec 04

A group of archeologists from the Institute of Archeology within the
National Academy Sciences together with professors from Yerevan
Polytechnic Institute and Nagorno Karabakh state university carried
out excavations in the area of Handaberd monastery in Karabakh in
August of the current year. The undertaking was financed by the
Harutyunians from New Jersey, USA.

The major aim of the excavation was to prepare way for multifold
researches as well as to partially reconstruct the
monument. Historical documents inform that most of the buildings of
the monastery were built in 1276 AD by father Davit. Architectural
investigation indicates that the monastery was built around a
chapel. The monument differs from other classic Armenian churches with
construction methods and materials and allows the observers to
understand the architecture of 13-14th centuries.

As a result of the excavations there were found khachkars
(cross-stones), tombstones and documents dating back to 12-14
centuries. The found numerous pieces of inscriptions evidence that
literacy was widespread in Armenia. A khachkar with an engraved
horseman holding a spear in one hand and a goblet in the other is a
unique find. The examination of khachkars found in Artsakh show that
people of Artsakh always revered defenders of the motherland.

Stiffened pieces of stone found during the excavation were stated to
be flints after examinations carried out at the Archeological
Institute. The flint can be worked out only artificially and in high
temperatures. All the findings will be resting at the Archeological
till the end of the excavations and the construction of Karabakh's
would-be museum.

Prepared by Ruzan Poghosian


December 7th, 2004, 9:26 pm #2

Armenia engaged in archeological excavations in occupied lands

Assa-Irada, Azerbaijan
Dec 6 2004

Armenians continue looting natural resources, as well as destroying
and claiming cultural and historical monuments in the occupied lands
of Azerbaijan.

The Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the Armenian Academy of
Sciences, in collaboration with the Yerevan Institute of Architecture,
carried out archeological excavations in Kalbahar District this August,
the Armenian "Azg" (Nation) newspaper reports.

Hamlet Petrosian, an employee of the Institute of Archeology and
Ethnography, has said a picture of a military horseman engraved on
a stone dating back to 13th –14th centuries and other items were
discovered during the excavations.

The operations were funded by the "Yerkir" organization and the
Harutyunians, a family of Armenian descent living in New Jersey, US.
Armenia have been trying for many years to claim the historical
Azerbaijani monuments in Upper Garabagh, Azerbaijan's region currently
under the Armenian occupation, and to prove that Armenians have lived
in the region for centuries.



December 10th, 2004, 9:01 pm #3

This Azeri report was probably prompted by Armenia's delivery to the same Council of a report detailing the destruction of Armenian monuments by Azerbaijan. Of course we mere mortals will never actually get to read either report.

Armenians destroying historical monuments - Azeris report to Council of Europe

Bilik Dunyasi news agency
3 Dec 04


The destruction and seizure of over 100,000 pieces of cultural
heritage of national and international importance on the occupied
Azerbaijani territories, including some 500 historical and more than
100 archaeological monuments, are reflected in the report "On the
destruction and seizure of cultural monuments on the Armenian-occupied
Azerbaijani territories" submitted to the Parliamentary Assembly of
the Council of Europe [PACE] committee on science, education and
culture by a member of the Azerbaijani delegation, Rafael Huseynov.

The report also says Armenia has fully or partly destroyed 22 museums,
looted over 1,000 schools, 927 libraries and five music school on
Azerbaijani territory, a source at the international relations
department of the Milli Maclis [parliament] has told Bilik
Dunyasi. Azerbaijan has been trying to table this issue at a PACE
session for two years.

The Azerbaijani delegation has submitted two other documents to the
PACE secretariat, revealing more facts of the destruction of
Azerbaijan's cultural heritage on the occupied territories - "On the
urgent prevention of the destruction of cultural monuments in the
Azerbaijani town of Susa [Shusha]" and "On the desecration of ancient
cemeteries and historical monuments on the occupied Azerbaijani


December 14th, 2004, 1:10 am #4

Armenian MP denies report on hearings into destruction of Azeri cultural sites

6 Dec 04

Yerevan, 6 December: A representative of the Armenian delegation to
the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe [PACE], Shavarsh
Kocharyan, has denied Azerbaijani media reports suggesting that the
issue of the "destruction of Azerbaijani cultural monuments" was
discussed during a joint meeting of the PACE committees on culture,
science and education in Paris on 3 December.

Shavarsh Kocharyan has told Arminfo that meetings of the subcommittee
on issues of cultural heritage, the committee on issues of science
and education, as well as hearings on the issue of "Religion, culture
and education" were held in Paris on 3 December. He said no issues
concerning Armenia, Azerbaijan and Nagornyy Karabakh had been discussed
during these meetings.

Let's recall that earlier the Baku media carried reports suggesting
that during a joint meeting of the PACE committees on culture,
science and education Azerbaijani MP Rafael Huseynov had allegedly
drawn the attention of European MPs to "the Nagornyy Karabakh problem,
the occupation of Azerbaijani lands and the ensuing destruction and
desecration of cultural monuments and graves". Huseynov also said he
had allegedly urged "the Council of Europe to take measures against
the most brutal form of Armenian aggression - destruction of the
cultural heritage".