Armenian church in Gurun to be the latest "destruction by restoration" victim

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The church (actually a complex of several churches, mostly from the early 19th century) is notable for its large size and that it was used as a prison for the most important Armenians of Gurun as they awaiting deportation and death in 1915. After the genocide it was used as a warehouse/factory, and later as a wedding reception and entertainment hall, until the roof collapsed (in the 1980s, I think). It is ironic that many of the modern inhabitants of Gurun would have had their wedding receptions there, just like the majority of pre-1915 inhabitants of Gurun would have been married there (the town's population was almost all Armenian). 

In its currently ruined condition it is without doubt one of the most graphic reminders of the Armenian Genocide still surviving in open public view in Turkey. So, obviously the Turkish authorities cannot allow such a state of affairs to continue and the monument must be sanitized of history and meaning by being "restored". ... -27083961/ ... cek/157146