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Your listing must comply with the points below or it will be deleted or not approved.

1 Accurate description.

This includes declaration of service replacement dial, hands, inserts etc.

Original means the part was on the watch when new and not just that the part is genuine.
Parts replaced at service are genuine but not original.

2 Good pictures.

If you are not a VRF member you will need to post proof that you have the item you are listing by including a photo or 2 of the item on a piece of paper showing hand written,todays date . VRM . and your log in name. Without this your listing will be deleted.

Always preview your listing as links only will not be approved.
Tapatalk offers direct image upload.

3 A return policy. 

4 A price and currency.

5 Contact Email address except in WTB's where you must NOT leave your contact details.
(See guidelines at top of page)***

6 Your listing must not include any reference to trading names
in the description, the log in, the email address or any signatures including images.

Only Vintage Rolex watches may be listed, no other brands or watches from current catalogue please.


Member status is awarded to those who understand the forum and how it works and are not a drain on the Moderator teams time.

If you consistently list well and without issue you will be noticed and member status will be added to your log in and you will no longer need to wait for approval of your ads. They will go live instantly. Users who contribute on the main forum as well as using VRM are generally noticed first.

The reverse of that is when a member starts breaking listing guidelines and we remove member status as it becomes obvious their posts need moderating. In this case member status will not return.

Thank you.
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