Paul Newman dial iterations question

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Paul Newman dial iterations question

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January 8th, 2018, 8:19 pm #1

whoops! please excuse the double post, that's what 'preview" is for!!

Here goes again:

Can anyone help me with identifying which iterations should fall within which serial number ranges?

For example, I know that 6263/6265 Panda dials come in a few iterations, mk1, mk1.5, mk2, etc... but don't know what is considered correct and what is not, as far as what serial range case each dial iteration should land in.

What about white dialed 6239/6241 PNs? Were there different iterations of these dials as well? Or were they all the same and any white PN dial so long as it is correct with the red outer track is considered ok? What are the generally accepted serial ranges for these watches and PN dials?

A huge thanks in advance for any help!