GMT 16750 - dial issue

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GMT 16750 - dial issue

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January 10th, 2018, 8:52 am #1


I have a question which I would hope you could assist me with:

Do you know when the GMT 16750 came with a glossy dial (mentioning “oyster perpetual date”)?

I have seen in certain threads (orgi, etc.) that it would be as from serial number 84xxxxx.

I have however been told by various vintage rolex specialists that certain 83xxxx originally came with glossy dials (I am not talking about the dials which Rolex replaced during their service as we know this is something which happened quite often), sometimes with or without the reference “date” and that it is difficult to say when this exactly started as rolex never kept written record as from which serial number they started as a general principle to switch to glossy dials. They further said a lot of this is pure guesswork from collectors around the world....

What are your views on this?

Thanks a lot