FS: NOS Vintage Rolex MK3 Fat Font Blue 1680/8 Bezel Insert w/Perfect Tritium Pearl

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October 12th, 2017, 1:48 pm #1

This NOS blue 1680/8 MK3 insert with champagne colored print was acquired from the estate of a watchmaker who had spent approximately 60 years working at Rolex. It is in pristine cosmetic condition with a perfect tritium pearl that has aged gracefully to a warm golden buttermilk patina. This insert shows no signs of ever having been mounted and any surface imperfections seen is dust. Please note that it appears that an adhesive was applied to the backside, likely long ago, to secure the tritium pearl. Additionally, there is some bending from being improperly stored over the years. A pair of nylon pliers and a bit of massaging will be needed to mount this insert properly. All pictures were taken in natural light.

Price: $1,495 shipped within the CONUS. International shipping can be discussed.
Payment: Bank wire or Paypal "gift."
Returns/Refunds: No as it is undoubtedly genuine Rolex. Please kindly refer to the pictures and ask any and all questions upfront.
Contact: savethetrees1974@yahoo.com


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