FS: 1960 1016 Explorer Gilt CR Dial

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FS: 1960 1016 Explorer Gilt CR Dial

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April 17th, 2012, 12:58 pm #1

Now i let go my 1016 Gilt Chapterring Dial (1st Series)
The Dial is in stunnig condition for his age. The hands not so. the lume of the hout marker is nearly completly gone. it should be easy for a good watchmaker to fix this in a correct lume tone.

Movement: 1560 with butterfly rotor. very claen, watch runs grat.
Serial: 5970XX
Caseback: 1016 , IV. 60 and some watchmaker signs

Head only Price 5250 Euro, watch is located in vienna- austria. local pickup possible.
many references worldwide.
mailto: rolexvienna@gmail.com
Shipping with UPS and Parcel Pro will be 60 Euro in the EU.
Return policy: full refund if watch is not original rolex.