F.S.Tudor Montecarlo 9430+1675 gilt dial+1603 bamboo+6694 grey+1560 butterfly+3018 pocket

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F.S.Tudor Montecarlo 9430+1675 gilt dial+1603 bamboo+6694 grey+1560 butterfly+3018 pocket

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March 13th, 2018, 5:03 pm #1

Firstly, here is the rare Tudor 9430 monte carlo dial with paper
Whole watch is 100% factory tudor,
Just serviced, keep in time,
Engraved serial number and model number are visible and clear,
Asking USD 9950

Next is 1675 1965 gilt dial , dial is with some damages, but still looking good!
Just serviced, the factory original GILT dial NO re-paint or re-finished
(you can choose pepsi bezel insert or faded ghost bezel insert in the pics)
Asking USD 14500

Next is 1603 with rare initial bamboo bezel and old sword hands set,
Engraved serial number is 53xxxx(Year 1960), of course with original butterfly movement!!
Just serviced and overal in very good condition
Rare Rare and very rare….
Asking USD 2950.

Next is ref: 6694 with factory original grey dial
Dial is with some oxidation, but never touched, no redone.
Just serviced, keep in time, engraved serial number is 19875xx, year 1969.
Asking USD 1700, very rare grey dial

NEXT is cal.1560 non date movement with 1963 SWISS COSC factory original paper
This movement with COSC paper set could use for ref: 5512, 1016…etc non date COSC rolex watch.
Of course the movement number is matched with the paper (No. 30xxx)
Movement is just serviced, asking USD 3800.

Here is a very rare 1960's POCKET WATCH REF:3018
100% original rolex, dial never re-finished, just serviced
asking USD 1950

Return Policy : if any description is not as real watch condition, 100% return for full payment refund.
Payment: for paypal or bank wire transfer are ok! but if using paypal, price must add 6% to cover paypal handling fee.
my email address : luismiguel9298@yahoo.com.tw

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