F.S.6305 BIG Bubbleback+ 1603 Project w/paper+1625 dark grey+DJ 6605 + 6084+1001 Opener

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First is 1953 big bubbleback datejust ref: 6305.
All factory rolex, comes with original red & black date disc,
Running good
Asking USD 3900

Next is rare ref: 1625 dark grey dial
Engraved serial number and model number are visible and clear, thick case
And this watch has been serviced Keep in time, asking USD 3700

Next is 1603 project with original warranty paper
This watch now is stop working, but the balance looks good,
Looks like water in before.
All parts are original rolex, but I think some parts need replacement
Sold as is,
Comes with factory warranty paper
Asking USD 1650

Next is ref:6605 datejust, engraved model number and serial number (5xxxxx, 1958) are readable
Beautiful factory dial and hands are never re-finished,
S/S one Asking USD 3680 →3380

Next is 1953 ref: 6084 bubbleback
100% in original condition,
Running good, engraved serial number and model number are visible
Asking USD 2350

next is 1960 era factory 1001 eazy opener full set
in very good condition!
asking USD 3500→3200

Return Policy : if any above description is not as watch’s real condition, accepting return for full payment refund.
Payment: for paypal or bank wire transfer is ok! but if you using paypal, price must add 6% to cover paypal handling fee.
my email address : luismiguel9298@yahoo.com.tw

thank you very much VRM, VRF!

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