F.S. 1675 GMT Gilt dial +1625 w/band+tudor 94110+1601 grey+cal.1555+1630 50th+6580April

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Next is 1675 1965 gilt dial , dial is with some damages, but still looking good!
Just serviced, the factory original GILT dial is NO re-paint or re-finished
Original ghost bezel is very good, thick case, 78360 beautiful bracelet,
Comes with Rolex service centre receipt for service.
Asking USD 16500

Next is 1625 with rare coffee-grey dial
Engraved serial number and model number are visible and clear,
Just service , this rare coffee-grey dial is 100% factory rolex, no re-paint.
Asking UAD 3500

Next is 1625 with original bracelet
Engraved serial number and model number are very clear,
Made in 1972, just serviced, 100% factory rolex
Original bracelet never overhauled in very good condition.
Asking USD 3500

Next is Tudor 94110 snow flake,
Just serviced, keep in time, asking USD 6500.

next is rolex 1630, it’s rare model of 50 years anniversary for oyster perpetual
serial number is 529xxxx
just serviced, comes with rsc receipt
100% original guaranteed, asking USD 4700.

Next is 1601 grey dial
Dial is 100% factory rolex, however with some oxidation, just serviced,
Serial number is 3xxxxxxx, visible and clean.
Asking USD 2500

Next is cal.1555 movement with butterfly rotor for ref: 1803 early model.
Running good, 100% original rolex ,asking USD 2500

Next is REF: 6580 two tone beautiful men’s watch,
Cal.1030 is running good, whole watch head is 100% original rolex,
Dial is in perfect condition,
Engraved model number and serial number are visible and clear,
Beautiful crown is also original!!
Asking USD 2050

Return Policy : if any above description is not as watch’s real condition, accepting return for full payment refund.
Payment: for paypal or bank wire transfer is ok! but if you using paypal, price must add 6% to cover paypal handling fee.
my email address : luismiguel9298@yahoo.com.tw

thank you very much VRM, VRF!

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