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July 20th, 2012, 4:52 pm #1

Hi VRF member,
I would like share with you My bad experience with Mr. Henry Rèmi aka Haarlem in our forum.

I open an AD in our market to buy a complete cal. 1560;

Haarlem contacted and offered me his cal, he sent me some pics but not his request, asking me to make my best offer, I don't like this method but I need that caliber...




I've placed my offer, Mr. Rèmi accepted it and specify no return, well!!! If it is all original and as descirbed sure, why not, i tought!

After a few days i received that caliber, i went to My watchmaker to fit it in watch and when i opened The caliber...Surprise!!!

It was Half 1570 and half 1560, only bridge and butterfly rotor 1560, he have declared only no anchor but miss also The bridge, One rubis and The axle of balancer are crashed too.

I've sent an email to Mr. Rèmi to know The reason...guess what was The reply?

It's not important, maybe The same...I don't accept returns and not partial refound.

After propose to me refound of shipment cost ( I've pay separately 80 euro via paypal) 68 euro FedEx and have ask to me 12 euro for bank transfer fee

This is The end of My sad story with that "GENTLEMAN" of Mr. Henry Rèmi aka Haarlem.

BEWARE, Not honest and not correct man/seller IMHO.

Thanks for your attention and sorry for my bad english.