ATTENTION Non Member? If your post does not show READ this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ATTENTION Non Member? If your post does not show READ this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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December 2nd, 2015, 9:35 pm #1

It is clear that we have an issue with unscrupulous 'sellers' listing watches using hijacked/stolen pictures, in attempt to defraud potential buyers.

All non-member posts have to approved and set live by a Moderator. Each day we delete many posts that we suspect to be scams, but inevitably some get through the system.

After lengthy discussion between the Mods, we will now be requiring all non-members to include their login name, VRM and date in at least one of the photos for each item posted in sales ads.
Simply hand written on a piece of paper on which the watch picture is taken.


We have to be sure you have the watch in your possession before your post will be approved and set live.

Hopefully this will put an end to the numerous 'scammers' who are trying to take advantage of this community of passionate Vintage Rolex and Tudor enthusiasts.

Ultimately, all buyers MUST ensure they undertake due diligence when completing any purchase and I bring your attention to our Terms of use 3.d,i
"The Sales Forum is provided as a courtesy to users of the site. We do not guarantee the quality of any seller, buyer or goods and do not conduct any due diligence or other investigation. Each party is responsible for its own diligence".

We will, however, always endeavor to make the Forum as safe a market as possible.

If you lost Member status or believe you have been around long enough to merit it please drop Roger an email with your log in name and he will review.

Many thanks

VRM Director.
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