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A Poem

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December 30th, 2011, 11:12 pm #1

Some may be as amused by this as I was. I have no claim to authorship and I wanted to share. It was written by a young boy incarcerated within the juvenile justice system.

Ode to My Watch

I miss it a lot
I miss being able to tell time
I miss how shiny it is
I miss watching it glow in the dark at night
I miss hearing its tick when it's silent
I miss wearing it around my wrist
I miss looking rich because it was silver
I miss how people told me I looked good
I miss taking it off and putting it back on
I miss my watch, I'm sure it misses me
I wish I had my watch on
I would not have to ask what time it was
I would have something to look at
I would have something to play with at night
I would have something to listen to when it's quiet
I miss putting it to my ear when every click sounded like thunder