5513 old aftermarket non Rolex dial?

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March 29th, 2018, 12:51 pm #1

I just purchased a 1963 5513 from a customer that purchased while in Vietnam. Says about 30 years ago it did not work and he placed it in a drawer. The production date on the C&I band is 78. Has three watchmakers marks for service and two of them are dated 75 and 81 if I remember correctly. It started working when I handled it and seems to work well the last 24 hours. The only thing that does not look original is the Dial. Is it an old non Rolex dial? Has a lot of patina, but the printing on the letters does not look nice enough, has a dash between the Oyster and Perpetual, and no Swiss printed at the bottom. Just curious if anyone knows anything about vintage non rolex dials. Brand new member. Collect all sorts of watches. It does have a nice ghost bezel. This is only my second Rolex. Thanks
Jeff B.
Not sure how to post pictures.