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Have 2 mint Sensei's Divining Top for sale...
please reply with offer (over $25).

Also have approx. 400 older (1990's) cards that I would like to sell as set...
There are a mix of mint and played cards valued at $2-$5+, but I believe most are worth $0.50-$1.00... I just don't have the time to go through them thoroughly, and only play with more recent cards.
please reply with offer (over $50).

The following newer cards are also for sale:
-Emrakul, the promised End
-Spell Snare
-Eldritch Evolution
-Shattering Spree
-Ghost Quarter
-Splendid Reclamation
-Void Winnower
(value approx. $42)
Will sell all together for $25.

I also have over 4000 other cards that I'm not currently using if you are looking for something specific, I might have it.