Wellcare Health Plans, Inc. Is A Managed Care Company Focused

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Government-sponsored managed care services, primarily through Medicaid, Medicare Advantage (MA) and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) to families, children, seniors and individuals with complex medical needs. The Company's segments include Medicaid Health Plans, Medicare Health Plans and Medicare PDPs. The Medicaid Health Plans segment includes plans for beneficiaries of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Supplemental Security Income, Aged Blind and Disabled and other state-based programs, such as Children's Health Insurance Program and Managed Long-Term Care programs. The Medicare program provides health care coverage primarily to individuals age 65 or older, as well as to individuals with certain disabilities. It has contracts with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to serve as a plan sponsor offering Medicare Part D PDP plans to Medicare-eligible beneficiaries through its Medicare PDPs segment.

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