Son can't decide on college

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My son is 16 and left school July. He never goes out just spends the day on his Xbox or on you tube. He's driving me nuts never leaves his room and it's a struggle to get him motivated to fi anything. He has no idea what so ever what he wants to do in college or as a job. It's almost oct and he still can't decide on anything. I'm getting increasingly frustrated with him, I'm close to losing my temper with him and making him get a job in anything. I try to get him to make himself useful and have left him lists of things to do but I can't get him away from his stupid Xbox. So today I've pulled the plug on the internet and got annoyed with him. What would u mums do as I'm feeling lost and a failure. I'm on my own with 2 younger boys.

Please help...

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This is really a problem that I am sure not only you are experiencing, so don't think you're on your own on this. 

In my opinion, I think your kid is somewhat addicted to playing video games and he may need some therapy for that. Therapy is not only for people with psychotic tendencies but also for those who are dealing with issues such as your son's. Have you considered having him seen by a therapist? Online therapy perhaps?