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When it comes to fishing Cheap Authentic Jerseys , many anglers prefer a challenge to an easy catch. For this reason, striped bass fishing is becoming more popular in the angling fraternity. This is due to the fast speeds that these fish can reach when swimming, and they are also extremely powerful.

They are also popular due to them being located in a variety of waters, from lakes to rivers. Lake Castaic in Southern California is known as a particularly good spot for bass fishing. They are easily identifiable, with silver sides and patches easily visible around the mouth area.

During the spawning season Cheap Wholesale Jerseys , these fish will migrate into freshwater areas, as well as clearer waters and lakes. They are an extremely predatory fish, and will feed on anything from other fish to crustaceans and insects.

Since these fish feed more during the early hours of the morning and evenings, this is the best time for fishing. Since they swim in groups, the chances of a good catch are excellent. And with the largest of these freshwater types of striped bass weighing just under 60lbs Cheap Jerseys From China , it can make for an impressive catch indeed. Lake Castaic in Southern California is known for producing quite large stripers and it is a commonly fished species here.

However, it's not just restricted to freshwater areas when it comes to the impressive sizes these fish can grow to. They can also be fished for at sea, and the largest recorded weight of a striped bass is a whopping 125lbs. There doesn't seem to be a particular area for large catches, either.

Although Lake Castaic in Southern California is one of the most popular breeding grounds for these fish, they have also produced 3 out of 5 of the records set for largemouth bass. So it's a good lake to fish Cheap Jerseys China , as it does not seem to prefer any one given area to another. The fish will even swim into fairly shallow waters when there are no boats around and the sun is not too glaring.

Since the freshwater types tend to swim around areas that have rocks, ridges and valleys as hunting and breeding grounds, the lure and baits required for fishing on clear and calm waters can vary. By using a combination of cable wire, buck tail jigs, curly tail trailers and spreader rigs Cheap Jerseys , the chances of a good catch are improved.

This is especially true on the likes of Lake Castaic in Southern California, since the striped bass can swim up to depths of twelve feet. If you do partake in this sport on this particular lake, the more seasoned angler recommends using bait such as bean troll jigs, balloons and plugs. Follow these tips from the professional themselves, and you should have many an enjoyable fishing trip for striped bass.

According to the survey by Directorate of Cocoa Cheap Arizona , Arecanut and Spices Development (DASD), Indian pepper output during the new crop season (2011-12) is estimated to be around 43,000 tonne, which is lower by around 5,000 tonne than the previous crop. Both trade and government sources are of the opinion that the new crop would be lower due to disease and neglect. Of the total Cheap Atlanta Braves Jerseys , 1,000 tonne would be white pepper.
Carry -over stock at the end of 2011 is projected around 15,000 tonne. Karnataka crop is pegged around 25,000 tonne, and followed by Kerala with 13 Cheap Baltimore Orioles Jerseys ,000 tonne. Tamil Nadu chips in with 5,000 tonne.Indian pepper production has been declining rapidly in the past ten years. From nearly one lakh tonne of annual production it has come down by more than 50%.
Area under pepper farming in Kerala has declined drastically during the last few years due to lesser viability relative to other cash crops like rubber. A recent study by the Agricultural Market Intelligence Centre (AMIC) of Kerala Agricultural University reports that area under pepper farming has come down by 24% in nine years while production has declined by almost half during the same period due to declining productivity and increasing cost of production. Pepper in Karnataka is grown mainly in the irrigated coffee plantations and is seen to be less monsoon sensitive.
According to IPC figures, Indian production during 2010-11 is pegged around 48,000 tonne as against 50,000 tonne during 2009-10. Indian consumption during 2011 is estimated around 40 Cheap Boston Red Sox Jerseys ,000 tonne and carry-over stock at the beginning of year at 14,500. Consumption is seen lower by 10% probably due to higher prices of pepper.
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