WVGCW Genesis 2 Gold Block - Night 12!

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September 12th, 2018, 5:50 pm #1

Madness awaits. WVGCW: Genesis 2: Gold Block Night 12 will be going live on September 14th at the usual time of 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific!

When we last left off, Gold Block had descended into complete and utter chaos. Every match from here on out will have some kind of impact on the outcome, but no matter what, chaos will reign. Here's what we've got!
  • Yang Xiao Long faces Kizuna Ai! Kizuna has yet to score a victory in singles competition, but she has the chance to completely upend the block! All she has to do is beat the presumptive frontrunner in Yang! Simple, right?
  • Silver Block Tag Match! That's all you need to know! Keep reading!
  • Neptune takes on Aoi Asahina! Nobody can afford to lose!
  • Sakura Kasugano squares off with Estelle Bright! I said NOBODY CAN AFFORD TO LOSE!
  • And Ciri challenges D'vorah in our main event! Are you listening? THIS IS CHAOS! WHO KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN? I DON'T!
Don't miss the insanity!

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1. If Kizuna somehow wins, it'll be exactly like Miu vs 21 last week.
3. If Neptune beats Aoi and Yang wins her match, it'll be an arms race between the two for the top spot.
4. Sakura can kiss a shot at the top goodbye if Estelle wins yet again.
5. Considering Ciri and D'vorah beat Aoi, this match will make or break their chance at staying at the top.


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I can't wait for Neptune to win it all and become the ultimate leader of Gold Blo-

Wait what am I saying that's the worst case scenario CAVE HER SKULL IN AOI!

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elcidthehero wrote: Hey, I found Gold Block's new logo.


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giygasattack wrote: I sure hope wonky hospital wifi lets me actually watch this tonight but I'm not optimistic.
Don't worry Big Gig. If you can't watch, I will be sure to record. So just rest up well, and don't stress. We still love you.