Location In a Pizza made with love.
PSN ID AnthonyDeadman22
XBL Gamertag AnthonyDeadman1
Steam Account Name AnthonyDeadmanWonderland
Nintendo Friend/Game Codes AnthonyDeadman64
Interests I'm a pretty big fan of the anime and manga series known as Deadman Wonderland and i am also a Gamer as well and i am pretty much one of those guys who enjoys Video Games, Wrestling, Comics/Manga, Anime, PC Games, and many other things that are possibly depicted as nerdy or geeky.
Favorite Video Games The Mario series, the Sonic the Hedgehog series, The Metal Gear Series, The Project Diva Series, The Megaman Series, The Street Fighter Series, The Ace Attorney Series, The Left 4 Dead Series, The Pac-Man Series, The Dig Dug Series, The GTA series, The Mass Effect series, The TF2 series, the Half Life series and last but certainly not least, The Portal series.
Alignment Face
Favorite WVGCW Wrestler(s) Hatsune Miku
Favorite BWA Wrestler(s) Gene Starwind
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