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December 11th, 2014, 9:15 am #11

If anything, you should be mad at Gearbox for screwing up Colonial Marines and using that Sega money to fund Borderlands 2 development instead of using it for the intended game.

That being said, I really do hope them to clean up their game for the HD re-releases of Homeworld. Thankfully the old guard at Blackbird are handling Shipbreakers, Gearbox is just publishing and doing the holding rights thing.

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At first I loved Borderlands (2). Then as I kept playing, the humor just got annoying to me. Which is sad because I was REALLY enjoying the game and it's characters. In a few years when some curious young fan goes to play the older games, they'll be confused because half the jokes are memes that date the game like crazy (looking at you too Guacamelee). That 'hilarious' little gremlin called Tina, the 'plot pistol' that has the ability to kill someone whilst completely ignoring the game mechanics, there goes any sort of immersion, just convinces me that Anthony Birch and the writing team can't write.

Playing Tales later today, if all I get is someone constantly calling me 'awesome' or a 'badass' whilst I get bombarded by 'Get rekt' I'm done with this series.

On a closing statement, Krieg is the best character, nothing you say will ever change that.

(These are all personal feelings, regardless, I'm probably going to crucified. And not in the good way)

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Burch killed Gearbox (and especially Borderlands)

Don't be a Burch.

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I feel like I sort of need to post this. Sorry for posting in an old thread, but...

This is coming from someone who loves Borderlands 1 and 2, btw. (Haven't played Tales yet!)