‘Something has to change:’ Facing high denial rates for VA claims, 3 Gulf War vets intervene

‘Something has to change:’ Facing high denial rates for VA claims, 3 Gulf War vets intervene

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What these folks do is awesome to help veterans

https://www.stripes.com/something-has-t ... cbFoMiGPIU

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And the workload went up thirtyfold from this
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Thank you, all three of you and everyone else involved in fighting the good fight on behalf of Gulf War veterans. Having GWI symptoms makes it hard for vet to navigate the process, and dealing with the current process as it currently exists makes it even more difficult. 

I fear there are many who have given up.

Those working their way through this process should be encouraged by this article in knowing that are people who are still engaged at levels that do offer hope for the future. 

Never forget you are your best advocate.  

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How many gave up, or never started the fight? I know more that have lots of the same symptoms, but have reached retirement age, so they will not even bother with the VA, or even doing any more then seeing their personal physician, then I know that have bothered to try with the VA. With the way the VA treated the GW vets in the 90's, when I started to get a lot of the same symptoms, I tried to hang on long enough to get a retirement, and medical, so I would not have to deal with the VA, but my body decided otherwise.

What was the average age of soldiers in the first Gulf War? I bet it was higher then any other war. I can name 11 soldiers that served in both VietNam, and GW1, how are they carried in any records? About 3/4 of my Soldiers were older then me, and I had 10 years in the Reserves at the time.  4 of the ones younger then me have passed away from brain cancer. Coincidence? The VA says it is.

The VA & DOD numbers will never tell the whole story.