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SCaro72 wrote: I was diagnosed with SA back in March and given a CPAP. During a appointment with my Rheumatologist for Fibro, she asked how my CPAP treatment was going. I told her I was more tired after using the machine than anytime before and as such required even longer naps than usual. She was also aware of my constant fatigue. She then told me she was going to diagnose me with Fribro and CFS. Hopefully this will seperate the two for me?
As stated earlier, how would your fatigue be considered not caused by anything else which is by definition what CFS is when you actually have OSA and fibro? 
Not sure I quite understand what you were trying to say there? But I'll take a shot. My VA Sleep/Neurologist Doctor did tell me at my appointment last week that CFS and SA are two very differant illness's, as did the VA Rheumatologist.
Sadly though, after reading:

              Conditions that Exclude a Diagnosis of CFS
1. Any active medical condition that may explain the presence of chronic fatigue, such as
untreated hypothyroidism, sleep apnea, and narcolepsy, and iatrogenic conditions such as side
effects of medication.
2. Some diagnosable illnesses may relapse or may not have completely resolved during treatment.
If the persistence of such a condition could explain the presence of chronic fatigue, and if it
cannot be clearly established that the original condition has completely resolved with treatment,
then such patients should not be classified as having CFS. Examples of illnesses that can
present such a picture include some types of cancers and chronic cases of hepatitis B or C virus
3. Any past or current diagnosis of:
major depressive disorder with psychotic or
melancholic features
bipolar affective disorders
schizophrenia of any subtype delusional disorders of any subtype
dementias of any subtype anorexia nervosa
bulimia nervosa
4. Alcohol or other substance abuse, occurring within 2 years of the onset of chronic fatigue and
any time afterwards.
5. Severe obesity is defined as having a body mass index equal to or greater than 45. No "normal"
or "average" range of values can be suggested in a fashion that is meaningful. The range of 45
or greater was selected because it clearly falls within the range of severe obesity.

These things pretty much knock out any chance of filing a Claim for CFS as I see it. However, I am constantly seeing where other Vets are being approved for Fibro and CFS with SA sencondary to PTSD, Fibro or what not.

I am right now trying to put together my Claims and send them in myself. I have no confindance in my VSO, as he had told me there are no presumptives for GW Vets. And his assistant was even less knowleged. SHe wanted to toss out my IBS claim, since there was no presumptive for it.

But here I sit, reading anything and everything I can to educate myself on the process. The more I learn, the more fear I feel. Many site and Threads on this site seem to conflict with themselves in what will or could be approved.
Would seem the VA has "Loopholes" covering everything they wish to cover. That is is solely up to the Rater to decide which path of Laws or Reg to proceed with?

I guess it's just try my best, expect the worse and pray for the best?
Thanks, I have had that in my guide for years. I had to use the BMI of 45 in a claim once.   Also remember that even when you do get a DX of SA the VARO at times will apply the regulation wrong.  There is two sets of standards for most of the rating percent levels.  the "or" is where they go wrong. that is what a young VSO needs to learn.
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