Many Questions...

Many Questions...

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There are a lot of questions abut "P&T" that seem to repeat themselves (different posters, essentially the same questions)

Maybe someone (Mod or Admin) can create an "FAQ" sticky note in this forum to answer some of them. 
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Permanent and Total

Permanent: No future review scheduled, your condition is not likely to improve.

Total: You are being compensated at the 100% rate.

There are three ways you can be total (Paid at 100%)

1. 100% schedular; You have a single condition which is rated at 100%, or all of your ratings combined brings you to 100% by the combined rating schedule.

2. IU; You are rated less than 100%, can't work because of your service connected disabilities and you meet the rating requirements to be awarded IU and compensated at the 100% rate.

3. Temporary 100%; You are hospitalized for an extended time (21 days) and qualify for the temporary 100%, or you have a medical procedure which you are allowed 100% for a set period of time to recover... ie hip replacement.

How raters determine if you are Permanent:

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When the Rating Specialist makes a decison he/she prepares what is called a Rating Decision. One of the items that he/she is required to input into that decision is whether or not a future review exam is required and, if so, the date. The Rating Specialist enters either a date or "none" in the required field. This does not require anyone's "approval" as it is solely up to the person making the decision.

Once this Rating Decision leaves the Rating Specialist, it doesn't come back unless someone down the line has a question about something. Unless the decision is one of the relatively rare decisions that requires higher level approval, the Rating Specialist has the final say. There are several steps that this final decision must go through with regard to the implementation process, but the decision itself has already been made by the Rating Specialist.


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