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Holdless people did not have much in the way of possessions, and were often accustomed to the nomadic lifestyle, but even so, an entire community of men, women, and children, of all ages and in varying states of health, took time to move. Their necessary supplies were hastily packed; everything else, by Terema’s orders, was to be left behind.

They could come back for it, she thought, after this ordeal passed.

The evacuation was nearly complete. Most of the holdless were already gone, fleeing toward a smaller cave system up north, further into the mountains, but her wherhandlers had remained behind to finish. Unlike those on foot, whers gave the handlers the advantage of a quick getaway. They also made ideal pack animals. In the empty tunnels that had been their home for the last couple of turns, Terema oversaw her riders bundling up the last of their supplies and stowing them neatly on their crude saddles.

The sound of hasty footsteps behind her made her turn. Quovyr’s wide face was grim.

“The troop’s here,” he said, pausing to allow Terema a single, soft curse. “And Terema, they’re not alone.”


The land north of Rubikon was rugged and broken, as if the red-hued land had heaved, and fallen, and writhed, and shattered, and then froze in the midst of its turmoil—only to be blasted and worn by wind, sand, and time. Alongside the other squads, Jerund lead Steel through this desolate place, guided only by his rough familiarity of the area and a map that marked the location of the rogue handlers' base.

Earlier, Jerund had stared at that map, thinking they’d all be made fools if the young bandit had been lying and misdirected them. However, threat of Thread and other horrors, as well as the promise of immunity, must have been sufficient enough for truth; the cave Jerund now faced was exactly as the young bandit had described it, its low entrance nestled into the cliffside. The uneven ground and rock formations could make battle difficult and cramped in some areas, he mused, but the land evened out a little ways below, in a shallow basin lined by rocky cliffs. The stone thrusting up from the sand at least provided ample roosts for Flint and Coal.

He was grateful for their presence, and for the aerial view they provided. According to their reports, holdless had been trailing north from the cave, fleeing deeper into the hills before the oncoming storm. Flint and Coal, aided by non-fighting members of Pewter, would be crucial for tracking them down—not to attack or arrest, but to offer aid. To offer second chances.

The rogue handlers, however, would receive no such mercy—not after their crimes. According to the riders above, some wherhandlers were spotted escaping with the “civilian” holdless—they would need to be hunted down—but many of them remained behind. Jerund watched them as they emerged, converging behind a sturdy woman astride an ugly black wher with a mutilated jaw.

Dressed for battle, Terema wore her leather breastplate, and the bronze-capped wher’s femur she used as a club rested across her lap. Her long, thin face was calm, showing no trace of apprehension as she stared down the approaching troop and the hovering riders. Her composure was mirrored by some of her comrades, though others wore expressions that ranged from fear to fury.

His own countenance was carefully schooled into one of steady repose. Jerund drew Jerusk to a halt and cleared his throat. His voice rang in the night with cold formality. “Terema. For repeated attacks against Vaioa and the people beholden to it, for pillaging holds and assaulting travelers, for theft, for murder and attempted murder, you and your handlers are under arrest. Lay down your weapons. We will not harm you if you surrender.”

“You expect me to believe you?” Terema’s mouth twisted, but her voice remained level. Facing each other as they did, both stolid, both calm, it could have appeared as a normal, albeit stiff conversation, if it weren’t for the subject matter. “Turns ago, your troop slaughtered my people as they slept. Our retaliation was just, though I doubt you agree.

No,” she said, breaking her stoicism with a faint, humorless laugh, “we will not surrender.”

Jerund swallowed, the memory still a leaden weight in his mind, but he pressed on. “We have you surrounded.”

“Then get out of my way!” Giving no time for a response, Terema charged, brandishing her bronze-capped club, and her riders surged after her, their shouts echoing off the red stone in a fearsome cacophany.

Jerund’s sword was already drawn. Without hesitation, he urged Jerusk forward into battle. With talk cut off so premature and sudden, there was nothing else to do but fight.

And hope for a quick victory.


Okay, here's what's happening, and the troop has come equipped with a plan:

- Some rogue handlers will try to flee to the hills; some are already a distance away. These guys will need to be followed and stopped. That task could fall to both dragonriders and handlers of any squad, save Brass.

- Some rogue handlers, like Terema, will be outside, putting up a fight. This would be a wher troop task, mainly Iron and Steel, but supported by fighting members of Pewter. Riders are tasked with keeping these guys from fleeing.

- Some rogue handlers (and any civilian holdless) will have to be rooted out of the caves. Since this is close combat, this would fall to mainly to Iron and Steel.

- "Civilian" holdless have fled into the hills. Dragonriders and non-fighting members of Pewter can go after them, to convince them that the troop means no harm and that they can find help at Vaioa.

- Brass, made up of healers, wherlings, and candidates, can either stick close to the battle to heal fallen troop members, or aid non-fighting Pewter members and dragonriders in the less-dangerous task of reaching out to the fleeing holdless.

- The overall goal is to get the rogue handlers to surrender! With these loose guidelines, feel free to post here, or create your own private threads. Admins may play some NPCs, but you're free to play your own as well.

((Just remember to keep in mind our violence rating - no graphic detail, please!))


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Sankal & Sansk, open

The view was incredible; that, absurdly, was Sankal’s primary focus as the Troop picked its way through the desert. Far more beautiful than he’d ever given it credit for, the red sand and jagged bluffs were captivating, peculiar and hostile. Even Sansk seemed to be paying close attention to their surroundings, more so than his tendency toward caution accounted for; the glances he darted over the terrain weren’t quite focused enough for safety to be the only thing on his mind. The black was silent as ever, but a bright energy thrummed through their bond, and for all that the occasion wasn’t a happy one it brought a smile to his handler’s face.

It was exciting, too, to be working with the Weyr, though Raisa’s wing was not one of those accompanying them. Having seen nothing but greens and blues since they'd departed the Hold, he'd deduced the reason for that; Khorinth was quite a lot bigger than the largest of their entourage. They’d been assigned those specialty wings, it seemed, the ones even he as a holder knew by reputation - and it’d been a heckuva thing to watch them at work. His sister’s brown had been impressive for his size, but this lot were sharding artists in the air.

The anticipation he shared with his wher took a decidedly less lighthearted turn, however, when they followed their squad leaders over the crest of a hill and found themselves looking down on the bandits. All traces of cheer vanished from his expression when he caught sight of the enemy whers, particularly that enormous and grizzly black that was their leader. Sansk, by contrast, seemed even more intrigued; Sankal wasn’t sure whether that boded very well, or very poorly.

Still, he was almost too curious to be frightened; he and Sansk had been training for the troop since wherlinghood, and even months after being assigned to Steel he had almost no sense of how his wher would handle a real combat situation. Sankal himself had been tested, at least a little, during his apprenticeship – he’d been in enough drunken brawls and petty skirmishes to know he didn’t lose his nerve in the face of confrontation, that he could take a punch or two or three and keep on standing. Those fights hadn’t been anything like this – weren’t remotely on a level with this. But he trusted himself not to shy away from that first hit, whether he happened to be delivering it or staring it down, and that was better than nothing.

It was Sansk he wasn’t sure about. That wasn’t to say he didn’t trust his partner; quite the opposite, in fact. He’d always had faith in him, even in the beginning when it'd been totally blind. He wasn’t deluded enough to think there wasn’t a lot of work left for the two of them to do, but at the end of the day he could say honestly that Sansk had never let him down. He suspected the reverse wasn’t true, unfortunately, but Sansk had stuck with him through it all, for reasons his handler hadn't yet puzzled out. And now here they were, facing the first true test of the partnership they’d crafted, and Sankal had no idea what to expect. Somehow, it was more exciting than disheartening.

The conversation that followed, brief as it was, couldn't hold the bulk of his attention; he was too keyed up to hang on every word. Still, he heard Terema’s answering “get out of my way!” loud and clear, and his eyebrows shot incredulously towards his hairline. She was serious – and furious, and he didn’t envy the handler that crossed weapons with her this evening. Didn’t know how much of a chance he stood, if that turned out to be him. Sansk, on the other hand, was distinctly impressed; the pair had won and held his interest, and he’d gone dead-still beneath Sankal, watching the other black and his handler with something like delighted anticipation. Moments later, she was leading her men in a charge; before Sankal could think of a thing to say to his wher, hand flexing restlessly around the handle of his stave, the black let loose a low but savage snarl, and surged after Jerusk and the rest of the squad.

Sankal leaned forward, gripping the harness for all he was worth, and watched the rogue handlers draw nearer. Both groups were beginning to spread out, and he sensed Sansk narrowing his focus, weeding out their first target. Hopefully it wouldn't be their last.

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Marios and Nynalth: Tag Open, NPC Holdless

The scenery was breathtaking, and normally Marios would be thrilled to have an excuse to venture out to this part of the land without thread interfering with her view of the place. Instead, she was gripping her leathers tightly in two fists and resisting the urge to grit her teeth. “I'm not sure if the other wings are getting the fun part or if we are. They're roping up that bastard Warryn but hopefully we'll get to see Terema taken down...” Nynalth ruffled her wings unhappily, she didn't care for Marios' bloodthirsty thoughts. All of this was awful but the graphite wasn't inclined towards violence.

[color=b9b7b7]We're not participating in either of those. Once this begins we're to follow the trail Northward, persuade holdless to take refuge at Vaioa.[/color] Nynalth was ready to take to the air and leave the black wher and its handler behind. Marios sighed. She was right, Sabine was right. They were to be part of the group persuading the regular people that there was no need to flee, that they could join the weyr's population or the riders would find a home for them somewhere in the local hold chains. Nynalth being the smallest dragon in the weyr she was also one of the least threatening for people not used to dragons. Shards, some of the whers currently present were as large as Nyna.

That realization toned down Marios' wish to be in sight of the final battle. Whers were muscular and strong, brutal beasts who could rip each other limb from limb, and she didn't want to be anywhere near where one of them could get a hold of her partner. The larger blues and greens could handle that pursuit.

“Let's go!” Another rider assigned to the same task yelled, and Nynalth sprang from the rock formation, quickly gaining altitude. Spotting holdless against the hills was less difficult then she'd expected, either that or some people were prioritizing fast movement over hiding. They dipped lower as they spotted a group of women and children with a small blue wher accompanying them. I wish there was a lesson for this. 'Persuading people that you're not going to murder them and hide the bodies.' Very handy. Nynalth snorted at her rider's sarcastic thoughts. [color=b9b7b7]If it couldn't be done they wouldn't have asked us to do it. Let me do the talking first. This is serious, you are not being serious.[/color] Of course I'm not being serious. This is a horrible situation where people might end up dead. Being serious would only make it worse. Nynalth took a moment to give her rider a Look. [color=b9b7b7]Be serious.[/color] Fine.

They couldn't tell whether the holdless had realized riders were pursuing beforehand, but once Nynalth's shadow reached them it produced a definite effect. Marios had expected shrieking, grabbing of children, the normal fear responses, she hadn't expected weapons drawn. Nyna- Marios started, but the dragon was already on it. [color=b9b7b7]We have a group over here, we could use support. Women, children, one blue wher.[/color] While Nynalth called for backup Marios yelled at the group itself. "We're here to help! We can take you with us, give you food and shelter, no more running or worrying about whether you'll last the season." Just like they'd been told to do. See, she could be professional. It didn't look like her words produced any effect other then frightened and angry looks though.

Nedeya and Nedeysk: Open, ready to assist

[color=38538e]Want to be back at Hold. Dirty here. Yucky. What word Nedeya use? Chaotic.[/color] Nedeya rolled her eyes at her wher's loud complaints. Nedeysk, it turned out, would rather live a life of leisure then shape up and dive into the thick of things. Truthfully they weren't even doing that. They were hanging out on the edges of the troop to watch and help if Vaioan's were felled. Brielle and Briesk might be the active healers of the bunch but wherling lessons and some basic afterhours work had brought Nedeya to speed on basic medical care. If a limb was broken or handler concussed she knew how to manage it until a professional could join them. Was this the first time she'd have to test both first aid and weapons knowledge? Oh yes absolutely. It was nerve wracking. She fingered the handle of the axe tucked into her waist band. If they were lucky it wouldn't be necessary, but these weren't just any whers the troop was fighting...

“Shush, we need to listen. How can we know what's going on if we're not quiet?” [color=38538e]Task simple. Help wher, maybe hurt other wher. Can do.[/color] Nedeysk wasn't inclined toward fighting like some of his companions, but he was confident that if another wher wanted to tangle he'd come out on top. Nedeya envied his confidence, especially since he was barely nine months old and nowhere close to full size yet.

Had people really been living out here? It was dry, desolate, and while she'd become used to living at Vaioa the idea of living in such a place without any support system was hard to digest. Where did they get water from without a hold or weyrs underground supplies? The woman was inclined to pity the regular citizens and their hardships, but they weren't confronting the regular citizens today. These were the murderers.

Nedeysk quieted with a strict finger in front of his face, Nedeya listened to the exchange between the black handler and Jerund. The troop had... slaughtered people? That brought a puzzled and concerned expression to her face. She'd bought a wher egg and joined the troop to help against bandits and marauders, not participate in a more official version. Later she'd have to ask about that. Later. For now it didn't matter, and they kept their distance and watched as the rogue handlers surged forward. One day they'd join in the initial clash, when Nedeysk was full grown. The handler-in-training though this was bad enough, her heart rate escalated and she thought she might sweat out her body's full supply of water. [color=38538e]No worries, Nedeysk best wher, Nedeya protected always.[/color] The blue's reassurance was surprisingly calming, and Nedeya reached over to rub his head. "I know buddy." The pair watched and waited, on the defensive.

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It had been a quick decision for Joerain--she wanted nothing to do with diplomacy today, so chasing holders was completely and utterly out. No, instead she and Taraeth were going after the fleeing bandits.

Taraeth was limber, strong, turning on a dime with power in her strokes. Those bandits stood no chance. Still... injury was a possibility, maybe even death could happen here today, but that didn't matter.

Justice would be served.


Brass had had few options in what they could do today, but for Brielle there was only one. Healing was her job, her passion, and her life. There was no other place for her than in the thick of it, healing the troops.

Briesk was more somber than usual, her normal chatter absent. In fact, the green hadn't spoken a word since they arrived. Brielle was certain, though, that when tasked with healing, Briesk would start her string of calming words--something she had gotten much better at since the bucket incident with Avask.

Brielle sighed as she took one last look through her healer's kit. Everything that she needed was there. She laid a hand on her wher's shoulder and took a breath. It all came down to this.

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Muran & Murask - Open/NPC Rogue

Time, hard work, and a lot of patience with herself had made Muran into someone she could feel proud of. She still grew timid around groups of strangers and would stutter and stumble over her words when flustered. Being shy was just part of who she was. But when it came to her duties as a First Officer the easily frightened and quiet girl was locked away and a brand new person took her place. Someone she hoped every day that her troops could look up to. Yet despite all that, in the face of the current task ahead of them, her insides felt twisted and heavy as stone. Her knees felt weak. And her body trembled. All that kept her steady was the blue wher beneath her.

[color=90becc]Strong Mur. Strong like big gold wher. Will do good and help much.[/color] Murask had been saying such things since they left the Hold to keep his Handler's spirits up. He knew that what they were doing was something big and important and very, very dangerous. There would be fighting and bloodshed, he'd heard the other whers talk about it. Heard other handlers talk about it too. Hard not to when you were helping patch up those that ran into the bad people out in the desert.

"I know. Have to be strong. We can do this." She didn't bother bringing up the fact Murask had never even seen a Gold wher before in his life. That she left chalked up to some kind of instinctual knowledge or maybe even hearing it from more experienced whers. Focusing on the silliness of the statement helped her calm down but her fear still lingered in the back of her mind. They were there to keep the Troops alive during the fight. And to help the Holdless that needed it and hopefully bring some of them home. As she listened to the 'conversation' between Jerund and Terema though...that task seemed that much more difficult. Terema's words about what Vaioa had done made her heart clench. A mistake. A horrible mistake that weighed on the minds of those that knew what had happened.

That didn't excuse what the rogue handlers had done though. And that was why they were there. To set things right, a chance for some kind of redemption. It seemed that they'd need to spill more blood first though. Muran gritted her teeth as Terema led her rogues into a charge. No turning back now. A gentle pat of Murask's shoulder gave him the signal. He let loose a bellow to get their troops attention. Muran had to be quick!

"Healers who wish to avoid the fighting, seek out any Holdless who are fleeing and attempt to bring them home with us. Candidates and Wherlings! Remember your training! Leave with the other healers if you don't wish to fight! Everyone else! Push forward! Attend to ALL wounded!" She couldn't believe she managed to say all that in nearly one breath and in such a commanding tone. Muran didn't wait to see who obeyed and who didn't. The fight was happening and she had a job to do. As weapons, teeth, and claws clashed she went for the first person to fall from their Wher. One of the rogue handlers. Looked barely sixteen. Her wher hadn't even stuck around to aid her, it was too busy fighting.

The girl tried to swing her weapon at Murask as he got closer and it thumped against his hide harmlessly. Winded and head bleeding down the side she couldn't harm a spinner if she wanted.

"G...G-get away f...f-from me!" The girl tried to shout but it came out in wheezing hiccups.

[color=90becc]HUSH.[/color] Murask boomed at the barely breathing kid. The command startled her into silence and she stared at the blue in shock. Muran took that chance to slide from her saddle while grabbing her satchel of supplies. Seeing the movement made the rogue jerk and try to crawl away. But the wound to her head was deep and blood-loss was already making her dizzy.

"Don't move. You'll just make it worse." Muran didn't hesitate to block the girl's path, kneel next to her, and press a clothe smeared with numbweed against the wound. A yelp and a string of curses followed and one last attempt to lift her weapon. Quickly stopped by Murask stepping on the end of the club and holding it down.

"W-why..?" The question was so quiet and soft that Muran almost missed it with all the fighting and shouting going on around them. The girl's eyes held so much confusion and fear, all Muran could do was give her a soft but weak smile.

"It's my job. I don't care if you're Holdless, bandit, or the sharding Weyrleader. You need my help, and I will give it freely so long as you let me." Her answer only seemed to confuse the little rogue more but it also kept her quiet and still. That's all she needed to clean and patch up the wound. Girl mended to the best of battlefield medicine's standards, Muran shouted for aid. "SOMEONE! TAKE THIS GIRL TO SAFETY!

"Don't worry. Murask will stay with you till someone gets you. I have to help others now. Be safe." Muran stood and after replenishing her supplies from her bags strapped to Murask, she was off again. Murask wasn't happy about being left behind but he knew it was important to keep the patient safe in the middle of all the chaos. His would be fine. Otherwise he had some bandits to gut later.

Ebylin & Harnteth - Open

"You and you! Go after those Holdless! Don't let them get away! You! After that group!" Ebylin had cursed and growled seeing Terema. Her blood still boiled thinking about how her bandits had attacked candidates. CANDIDATES! And then all the blood they had shed from Weyr and Hold alike. Helpless cot holds. When the Rogue leader refused to talk it out and charged, Ebylin hadn't been surprised. Harnteth's head had been on a swivel all the while since she had been instructed to keep an eye out for those that would be running. There was no way the Holdless would all stay inside the caves and risk more innocent lives. Sure enough the green had spotted groups making a run for it and Ebylin started pointing at Wing members to go after them. Not bothering with names to save time.

'Come on Harnteth! We have to get down there!' She had no intention to fight or hurt anyone but from where they were perched she could see rogues already trying to break away and flee. Harnteth roared as she lifted off and dove for the battlefield. Landing with a thunderous thud at the edges of the conflict to block the escape of at least two rogues. Wings spread wide and teeth bared she looked a fearsome sight. She lifted paw and extended her claws as she swiped at the bandits. Intentionally missing them by inches, and making them turn tail and run back into the fight. 'Call them!'

[color=50a13d]Everyone![/color] Harnteth called out to send the message Ebylin wanted. Knowing with just a glance at her rider's thoughts what was needed to be said. [color=50a13d]Land and create a ring! Guard the edges! Don't let them run! Make them face JUSTICE![/color]

Ebylin's own loathing for the bandits fed into Harnteth's anger and back again. Harnteth would not let the harm of little ones stand. The bandits would be punished if she had to do it herself! The green didn't remember much of the fine details of what happened. All she could really recall was how horrible the deed was and that young ones had been attacked. If she were a more violent creature she'd squish all the bad people before her right now. But she wasn't. So they were lucky.

(ooc: Others are there too and can be tagged if wanted or needed. Just starting with these two for now.)

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Brellin and Brellisk tag; open

''About time something like this happened. They were itching for a fight. Bah.'' Brellin hissed under her breathe. Stupid rogue-thingies. She was not waiting in the back of the pack to convince some weirdos to stay at the Weyr. Nope. She'd be digging into some of the dirty work. with her knife. Well, maybe, anyway.

[color=719bbd]Bad whers. Bad people. Hurry, or they run. flee. Don't want.[/color] brellisk huffed, his tone annoyed, infuriated. his red eyes searched as he watched the desert spread out around them. Anyone, anything could be anywhere and everywhere. One had to be vigilant, yes.

Brellin's hands gripped her wher's harness. Unease boiled in her stomach, but she couldn't afford to be nervous in the midst of battle...faranth only knew what would happen if she did. She was new here, and had only heard of what these bandits had done, and it was certainly revolting.

"Get out of the way!" was what shattered her attention...their leader? uh...Terema? Brellin was almost more curious than terrified, a shiver wrought her spine and her grip hardened around her long knife. Rogue handlers surged forward like some flash flood, and anticipation gripped the bluehandler. Time to get down to business, and she would not dissapoint, neither would brellisk.

Time to do something, whether this be her first or last fight-did it really matter?

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February 20th, 2015, 1:20 pm #7

Hesk heaved beneath her with a big shaky sigh that Heliodor could fully empathize with. The green seemed weary of all these difficult proceedings - wasn't life simpler when they could just bumble about the Hold, sit by some eggs, eat some tasty food, run their patrols? Of course, there was all that dreary stuff that her woman did in the healer-place, too, but Hesk didn't have too much to do with all that. As things stood, Hesk was very tired of chasing these bad people around. Could they stop doing that, please?

"That's why we're here, sweetling," Heliodor murmured, trying to do her level best to not be unnerved by the way that Tosst's grey was staring at her. There were so many other things going on presently that the last thing she needed was her nerves rattled by an impertinent wherling, who she could swear was doing it on purpose because she knew that Heliodor didn't like it. Hesk swung her head about slowly to give Tosk a reproachful look, more fondly exasperated than anything else.

Heliodor had decided that she'd remain with the other squads, roaming on the peripherals of combat itself, ready to prounce and drag any injured handlers away for quick field triage. Tosst seemed to be of the same mind, though he gripped his bow with far more vitriol than she herself did. Since Heli had always seen him with some other kind of weapon in hand it was bizarre to watch him nock his arrows and aim, steady as a stone on his grey's shoulders. He seemed proficient enough, and to her secret shame, better with his secondary weapon than she was with the only one she knew how to use.

Well, he was just a much more martial person than she was.

It did make her feel marginally safer having him hover at her side once the melee began. Handlers and holdless scattered like someone had lifted up the rock that they had been living under, and even as dragons moved to encircle them and pin them in, Heliodor hesitated. Weren't they supposed to be trying to offer them second chances? Her eyes flew to the capped-wher femur that that horrible Terema woman wielded. What kind of macabre, unsettled person used a body part from a dead creature as a weapon? Not that kind that would be getting any more chances, that was for sure.

"Move, woman!" Tosst grunted at her, and move she did, spurring Hesk into motion. The green was lithe in comparison to Tosk's still growing bulk, and Hesk seemed pleased with the mild cover provided.

She watched the chaos with as much focus as she could muster, the hypnotic nock, draw, release of Tosst's bow sounding behind her and just to the side. His arrows flew with purpose, and it was easy to imagine that all of them were sped on by the man's vitriol, fueled by revenge. It had been arrows, after all, that had felled his previous wher...Heliodor wondered if giving him a bow had been a kindness or another wound waiting to fester.

He seemed to mostly be aiming for humans, though, as far as she could tell. Tosst had let a few token arrows fly at Terema, but was proving to be more opportunistic with his shots, which she supposed was practical.


Vriske had always been loyal to Terema. Always, always. And even now, faced when those slobbering daft Vaioan whers, Vriske was going to stand her ground.

Naturally, she was going to do it in her own way.

She wasn't a big bruiser or a talented fighter, no. But she was an exceptionally good liar, and not currently astride her wher. She made a break for it when the other holdless did, blending into the scattering bodies and rushing for the nearest interfering troop member that she could find, careful that her 'blind' flight did not carry her into a dragon's reaching claws. Vrisk lurked somewhere behind the chaos, doing his best to not draw undue attention. So long as he wasn't actively sinking his teeth into anything he'd probably be less of a concern.

Vriske's head swerved back and forth, searching for a target. She found one quickly enough in what looked to be a bewildered bluehandler, and she lurched forward, twisting her leg about and adopting a clumsy, dragging kind of gait, scrunching her face into a visage of pain. "H-help! Help me!" She gasped out, her foot catching in the sand as she tumbled and fell with a high whine, one hand reaching out to Brellin. "They've kept me trapped in there! My l-leg!"
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February 20th, 2015, 6:51 pm #8

Ethekiel and Ethekisk - open

The terrain was wild, rugged, and entirely out of their practice. To have Ethekisk pick her way through this, following the examples set by those around her for most of it, was taxing in a way that was just as unfamiliar to Eth as was the land. The green being laden with packs crammed full of medicinal supply was just another point added to their list of unaccustomed things. Why, even his own satchel seemed heavy enough to pull him from his seat.

Ethekiel loosed another sighing breath, reaching to pat the firelizard coiled beneath his cowl once more. Manchee cheeped in turn at the attention, butting against his chin in what he could only presume was consolation.

Truly, Ethekiel wanted to feel consoled, but instead he housed only confliction over the firelizard's presence. Jamphel – he really should get into the habit of using J'phel, honestly – was not exactly someone who could sit back with twiddling thumbs. Manchee was not just to be a comfort, nor an extra pair of eyes on their back, but a spy. Not that the blackrider tried denying anything of it of course, but Eth had to wonder how clearly his friend understood the implications it would lead. It wasn't just him he had to care for now, there was Davoth, and the mind of a young dragon was supposedly… delicate, to certain things.

Ethekiel was a healer, about to be one on the field – make that very likely a bloody, violent field – and he would be in the thick of what surely fell into this category of 'certain things'. He did not claim to truly understand the depths of dragon bond, but could Jam really keep what might come his way to himself? Eth had to wonder. And it was a wondering he simply would not solve, for really it all came down to Manchee. To what the firelizard would divulge. Something Ethekiel had no control over.

The endless travelling suddenly came to an end. Broken from the reverie amber eyes cast up, taking in the dry, barren scene that was the rogue hide out, and the bodies that then emerged from its sunken den. Ethekisk shuffled beneath him, having finally noticed the tension that permeated the troop as voice took to air. Eth stilled her with a hand, his focus intense on the spectacle before them. It felt just plain surreal, like this was all some dramatic act of a theatre troupe and he had no idea how he came to be seated amongst the audience.

The frail man hadn't particularly cared for all this troop business, of what they'd done prior to his arrival. He wasn't part of it – or had never intended to be at first – and as such he had never informed himself to any of its history. But what the wher-riding woman spoke of here seemed to be the entire weight to their ideals. Ideals that now charged all of them headlong into battle.

Ethekisk reeled at Murask's bellow, startled by the suddenness in which everything changed as her handler twisted on her shoulders, all ears on the Brass leader's words.

"Might I suggest a buddy system?" Ethekiel crowed above the ruckus to the collection of Brass, green wher still wheeling beneath him in a frenetic blend of fright, confusion and underlying excitement of the now unknown. To avoid battle was precisely what he would have preferred, but unfortunately things were just not that simple. Not many appreciated his ways of talking, and Eth wasn't feeling particularly up to par on his abilities of, well, kind persuasion. Staying hot on the battle-fallen was, most regrettably, where he'd be best spent.

For Ethekisk, everything had ceased to make sense. Everyone was moving to and against and away and the air became fouled by scent of blood and ichor in seconds flat, triggering every trained infirmary response the green had into one immediate, confounding lump with no clue what to do with it. The sheer volume of input nearly overloaded her.

Listen to me, darling. You gotta play a game for me, okay? Water off the wherry's back. Remember that game, yes?

She gurgled, chuffing gusty bursts from deep within her throat as coherency clawed back to the surface. [color=E1FAF4]Gaaame. Waterwherry game. Gotcha.[/color] She finished her last dizzied circle and faced the chaos once more, bundled every sound and scent and blurring shape together and – shut it all out. She was the wherry, they were the water.

"Good girl, marvellous girl." Eth shakily eased away the tension of his tone, patting pale hide and praising his beloved for every second she succeeded in this tremendous task. It was just as well they had prepared for this kind of necessity beforehand. And now, they could truly set to work.

It didn't take long to find the opportunity. Ethekisk surged forward the very moment he picked them, hyper-aware to the inner workings of her bonded when all else was but a muted buzz. Gritting his teeth at the missed opportunity to snag a tagalong first, Ethekiel had little choice but to focus on the task ahead.
"Head down, Manchee." He ordered quickly, Kisk dancing around a stray arrow that embedded itself in their path. A rather solid man lay sprawled on the fringes, writhing and kicking like some hapless animal - and just as dangerous as one too thanks to the weapon still clutched in his red-slick fist. The man's desperation grew twice as much once he saw them.

It was one of the rogue. Perhaps some bold member of the 'civilian' trying to fight his part, for he saw no wher close by. But that didn't stop the pair. As Muran so dutifully said, their task was to everyone. However, with that being said, all this fool's senseless swinging was making it impossible to do anything.

[color=E1FAF4]No no no, give help! We fix, no fight. [/color]

"Stay the feck outta my head!" the man shrieked alongside a line of obscenities, brandishing his crude weapon in as much threat as he could muster when fear hitched one's voice up a few octaves.

"Lady speaks truth, now if you'd be so darn kind as to stop that we could do something for you!" Oh he had little kindness for anyone that would dare strike at his pretty petal, but Eth was certainly trying. Fortunately, the tiny falter it produced was all that was needed, Ethekisk observing a (surprisingly intelligent) opportunity to smack the nasty item away in one flash of paw. Better without!

In seconds Eth was on the ground at his knees and packing the gushing wound in this stranger's side, blatantly ignoring each curse and yelping grunt until they took an entirely different turn; silence. Snapping up Ethekiel found not a gaze of death, but utter confusion, fear, a begging question stumbling off the lip.

He'd never been looked at like that before.

"Honestly," he broke away, throwing himself back into frantic work, "what do you all take us for."

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February 20th, 2015, 8:19 pm #9

Verdani; Tag Ethekiel and Ethekisk

This was shaffit. Runner shaffit, dragon shaffit, shards it could even be firelizard shaffit for all she cared! As a candidate she was not allowed to join the fight with the bandits. Oh, she could go along and help heal or whatever, but they were not allowed to fight. Not allowed! Verdani was not a happy woman as she rode along the rest of the wher troops and the other candidates. Danya had said that was most likely going to be what would happen but she hadn't actually believed her until they were told. Which wasn't fair! Noo, she wasn't whining. She was a guard, she knew how to handle herself against bandits.

But these were bandits with whers. She hadn't actually fought against a wher before. Frowning thoughtfully, eyes darted over to where Steel squad was. Yep, there was Ara and Arask, Third Officers of Steel. Pfft, not that she really care too much about that. What she wondered was if Ara would let her fight with Arask a little? It wouldn't hurt to get some experience in before she got her own wher. And Arask was not likely to hold back much, or at all.

Ah, it looked like they'd arrived at their destination while she'd been thinking. And there was the leader of the bandits, waiting for them with the rest of her own troops. Shards, even Dani had to think it was a bit impressive. She was just there, waiting with a calm face as the Vaioans arrived. The others weren't that controlled, quite a few of them looked furious and others looked afraid. There were plenty of other emotions in between written on faces, but Dani was drawn back to Terema.

Jerund attempted to get them to surrender, but did anyone honestly think they would do so? Raising an brow, she cast a look around. Really? Who would think the bandits who'd done so much would just give up because they were finally being confronted. The woman snorted and shook her head. Her ideas was proven correct as the woman flat out stated that there would be no surrender. Jerund gave one last attempt and it too failed as Terema and the other handlers began a charge.

Dani almost let out a whoop of excitement, until she remember that she wasn't supposed to join the real fight. Which had her deflating just a bit as she quietly mumbled a few more creative curses. A voice rising about the noise drew her attention. Buddy system? Furrowing her brows, she glanced around at some of the healers and others who...well not all of them looked like they would be able to protect themselves. Though some did have whers.

Grunting, she attempted to urge the runner she'd been given for the trip towards where she figured the voice would've come from but it wasn't going for it. Too much noise and the smell of blood in the air most likely. Cursing again, Verdani dismounted and sent the scared beast towards the back of the Brass squad before starting to push her way towards where the action was. Screw the healing shaffit, she had no talent in that area. The tall woman could deal death though, she was good at that. Drawing her sword, Dani swept her gaze around herself to make sure any bodies she might pass were just that, bodies. These bandits were clever and she wouldn't put it past them to attempt to trick the group.

Watching a green wher and her handler working on a man that seemed nervous, she was about to move on when another rogue started heading their way. Unsure on the wher's temperament, because she had noticed that some weren't the fighting kind, Dani tightened her grip on her hilt and hurried over to the two. "Sharding bandits..." Catching the edge of the bandit's weapon with her own, she managed to push him back and away before placing herself in between him and his target. "Attacking a healer? Tsk tsk." Smirking faintly at the look she received with her teasing words, Dani just stood there waiting for the man to make the first move. The bandits were angry, fearful, and desperate; he would make a mistake and she would take full advantage of it.

Yelling as he charged, the rogue swung his weapon at her head. Probably attempting to just kill her and be done with it. Dani's smirk just grew as she deflected the swing and thrust her blade towards him, causing him to jump back to avoid being cut. Moving both hands to grip her hilt, she moved forwards and attacked once more, causing him to jump back again. He wouldn't be able to get his footing if she kept at it. She went to swing again but was blocked this time. So instead she raised a foot and kicked at his knee as hard as she could. He howled in pain as he dropped to his uninjured knee. Before he could recover, Dani quickly put him out of his misery. One less bandit to deal with.

She cast a look around for any angry wher that might be heading in her direction before turning and padding back over to the healer and his wher. She gave the two of them a grin and moved to stand beside the man. "Buddy system, yeah?" Healers were needed so she could guard this one's back. That way she wasn't technically in the middle of the fight but still got her chances to off a few bandits. And Danya wouldn't be able to complain either. No bad points there. "I'll watch yer back while ya fix whoever ya want." Honestly Dani didn't understand the point in healing these bandits. They wouldn't bother doing the same.

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February 21st, 2015, 12:09 am #10

Kisaze and Kisazesk; Tag Marios and Nynalth

It looked like a drunken giant had taken a hammer to the landscape. Though worn by wind, the rocks were as sharp as shards, and thoroughly unwelcoming. It was really the perfect place for a clutch of bandits to hide. Such was what Kisaze reflected on as he tried to avoid thoughts of how uncomfortably his runner rode. The beast was probably pretty placid, but to a man who preferred his own two feet, it seemed like it fought his grip. Perhaps it did, and his hand was too harsh; he’d never had a head for runners. Giving the reigns another yank, as the mare tried to wander from the group, he breathed out slowly. He ought to be thinking ahead to Brass Squad’s tasks, not this.

Kisazesk was treating it like a great new game, this marching on and on through a desert they had ventured together into only a few times before, to face a faceless enemy he’d never known. It didn’t even matter that before they’d left, Kisaze had shared his memories of bandits with his companions: the chaos, cruelty and pain; the pure insanity of an ambush; all he had heard while at the Hold from the battles the Troop had undergone. Jovial had shivered and nearly left him; he might not remember the event, but he knew hurt, and bore the scar of their last encounter before striking for Vaioa. It took the goofy brown’s whine to hold him still and calm him. The blue was trained to this; with Kisazesk there to buffer his shaken courage, he would do well again. It was the wher that did not seem to grasp the significance of it.

It was probably a good thing they would not be involved with much fighting, the man had to admit. While he might know some basic first aid, the brown was not used to healing, and so their duty would be to help the dragons with the holdless. He had to hide a grin. Since meeting Elokith, Kisazesk had been fascinated with his larger cousins. Perhaps seeing them in action would lend him some seriousness.

[color=7F462C]Ser-i-ous dull.[/color] The wher chimed, plodding alongside the runner. He was practically tall enough now to drape his head over the beast’s back, much to its unease as he swung his snaggly muzzle to the side and fixed the man with a faceted eye.

Serious is needed, or you’ll get a sword in the ribs. You need to be scary today, Zesk. Think you can manage?


Pretend it’s training. The wher made no comment, but was clearly unenthused. Breathing out again, Kisaze set his gaze on Steel Squad. It was not long before they crested the rise, and Jovial returned from his scouting. Whers, he showed- and one huge black in particular with a mangled jaw.

“That’d be Terema… Shape up, Zesk.” Voices turned to cries ahead as the two sides crashed. From that moment on, everything was a sort of chaos. The dragons split, Muran called their orders, and without a backwards glance Kisaze dug his heels into his mare and plunged forward. Zesk easily kept pace at his side as he paired off with a mounted healer, eeling away from the main group in search of fleeing stragglers. It didn’t take long. The brown gave a bark and sharply drew them in a new direction, practically wriggling with excitement.

[color=7F462C]Dragon. Group, blue, want help.[/color]

Flank them. We’ll draw their attention; let the dragon know we’re coming. Kisaze watched him go, hoping he wouldn’t try something on his own, and communicated the plan to his impromptu partner. If it was just a blue wher… With a thought to Jovial, the flit assisted him with loading a bolt into his crossbow. Kisazesk was big for a brown, even if not fully grown. Between him and the dragon they might force the holdless to see reason.

[color=7F462C]Close![/color] The wher warned, passing along a dizzying heat-vision image of the danger ahead. Then his thoughts went distant, as he contacted the dragon. He was nearly in position, travelling downwind, with one eye on the sky. Strange bigthing, that. [color=7F462C]Here help, tiny-big. Plan? We three.[/color]

Letting the healer go first to hide how he wedged the reigns between his knee and the saddle, he pulled his crossbow from its modified holder and pointed it towards the ground as they rounded an outcropping. It was… a larger group than expected, and there were far more children than he wanted to see. Even at a distance, however, he could see how one woman’s sword wavered at the tip, as shaking carried down the blade. They were angry, frightened people willing to do whatever they must to protect their own. He sympathized.

“Lay down your arms and you will come to no harm!” Jovial trilled, flaring his wings from his leather pad, eyes bright sparks. Kisaze nearly cursed. It was a big blue. Of course. And he did not make a threatening presence even on the best of days, which could be good or bad, when the dragon who called for help… was the smallest he had ever seen. Shard it all. He didn’t want the cost of an abandoned runner on his head. “Vaioa is willing to offer new homes and lives to those who are tired of scavenging. You’ll be safe. We won’t split up your families.”
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