May 15, 2018 - Catfish

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Came down Monday, fishing the mud flat across from Holiday Shores and knew I'd be hurting for bait due to the titanium in my spine and two shoulder rebuilds, I can't do much with a throw-net.
On Sunday I caught some bream and small crappie near home and had a pack of frozen shad in the freezer. I got on this board and saw where one guy was saying to put garlic on chicken strips or hearts / liver and I thought I'd try cut bait with garlic powder. All i put it on was the bream, scaled and cut into rough fillets... Put in gallon zip locked bags, Sucked all the air out and left it overnight under ice.

Tried drifting balloons and anchoring...every fish was caught drifting rigged balloons. Filled the cooler with 4 to 14 pound cats... Had two break my line (30 pound shock leader on 50 pound braid)... Lost one that looked to be 24+/- pounds right against the back of the boat as it shook the hook loose. They hit the garlic bream better than crappie or a cooler full and thank this board and you guys - like me - don't mind sharing what I know to help others have a successful day.

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