May 14, 2018 - Bass Report

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Rolling into Summer Patterns.....Time to give topwaters a try. Low water, clear water and cloudy skies. Buzzbaits, walkers and poppers should be tied on.

Water is in the low 70s and fish are active in pre spawn, spawn and post spawn. Warm start to the week in the mid 80s and into the 90s on Tuesday before cooling to the mid 70s for the rest of the week. Chance of thunderstorms all week.

Try topwaters first thing in the morning, as tides should be low enough to put baits closer to fish. Poppers tied to 10-pound test Gamma Copoly can coax fish out of cover. Vary retrieves, pop, pop, pop. Or pop and stop. Take note of what produces blow-ups. Replace trebles with MUSTAD feathered trebles. A gentle pull will contract feathers. Pauses allow them to open to taunt fish into biting.

Mann’s Baby 1-Minus crankbaits can quickly cover water within a foot or so of grass or wood cover. Use 12-14 pound test Gamma Edge fluorocarbon and vary presentations from a straight retrieve. Pauses or pulls and snaps create reaction strikes. Fast reels provide speed to catch up to fish taking the bait on pauses. Rods need to be loaded before a pull set. Make sure hooks are sharp. MUSTAD Ultra Point KVD short shank triple grips are harder for fish to throw.

Texas rig Mizmo tubes on 3/0 MUSTAD Mega Bite hooks on 14-pound Edge. Pitch to grass clumps or make long casts to spawning bass. Look for isolated grass or holes in clumps. Black with red flake is working. Shake and let them sit. A spray of garlic Jack’s Juice Bait Spray will encourage fish to hold on longer. Using a 1/8-ounce unpegged weight creates a bit of separation to create a lifelike movement.

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