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I live near the South Fork of the Shenandoah River which is stocked with Musky. I also live near a small Lake that has Muskys in it as well. A few years back, I accidentally got hooked on chasing these elusive toothy fish. (long story) I have managed to catch quite a few over the past few years with all but one coming from the small lake. Not that I haven't tried to catch them in the river but it just seems for me personally they are harder to catch in the river. Well...........more recently I have spent most of my time on the water chasing Stripers. Last evening a friend of mine wondered if I would float a short stretch of the river with him so I took him up on it. Since I have Musky tackle I usually have a Musky rod on the yak with me as I float the river Bass fishing just to make a few casts here and there hoping to score a musky. This is only the second Musky I have caught in the river and I have spent countless hours trying. Needless to say I was VERY happy!

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