May 12, 2018 - Bass Report

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Fishers of Men Tournament, May 12

A story of missed opportunities, excuses, and, for the lack of a better word, “Rusty”.

The plan was to practice for this event Thursday and Friday. I couldn’t make it because I’m in the middle of selling my home, packing up and inspections. So my partner Jim did the pre-fishing...but wow, he found a fantastic little creek. A small feeder creek off the James with not more than a quarter of a mile of fishable water. The timing was perfect for pre-spawn bass moving in. So there were a mix of males preparing beds and a few big females roaming the edges and cypress.

Jim had the bow for this one and kept the boat in a position he thought best, so no complaint...but in retrospect, we needed to be closer to the cypress. The bite was a wacky rig, light line, and spinny poles with lots of parabolic bend. Setting the hook using a #2 mosquito hook, with line stretch, lots of parabolic bend and long casts, you need to be close when you set the hook. If you’re not close, the chances of getting a good hook set on a big bass is slim. Thus the reason I lost two bass over four pounds, and one pushing six to seven pounds.

The big bass I lost, Jim and I both had just made a long cast to the same cypress. Jim yells fish on, so I laid my rod down grabbed the net. Netted his fish, and Jim then walks to the back of the boat to weigh the fish and cull. I’m on the back deck and he’s standing right in front of me between the seats. I pick up my rod and its heavy, real heavy, and my line is headed down town to deeper water. My line is actually under the boat lengthwise with another 20 or 30 feet out in front. Theres was nothing I could do but sweep the rod to the left and hope for the best. That big old girl came up, but was way to big to jump, she just wallered around violently on the surface. Then poof! She was gone! Ugh! Lol. Did I mention I hate power poles when I’m on the back deck? Haha.

We should have had 19+ pounds in lieu of the 11 pounds we had. But thats fishing. All my fault. Add to that, my lack of time on the water this year made has made my casting and hook setting skills terribly rusty. There’s a reason why any professional sport requires practice, and lots of it.

So the take away; we found the fish and pattern to win this one and stay close in the divisional points race. It was poor execution plain and simple. Nothing replaces time on the water in keeping your skills and mental game sharp, and as always, boat position, boat position, boat position!

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