May 11, 2018 - Striped Bass

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Well we fished last Saturday had a decent day put these in the boat 18"-19.5" and 24.5" all Caught with gizzard shad, rain Sunday morning then quit so me and the girlfriend went out for a couple hours pulling four plainer board three with gizzard shad and one with ales, one back float and one down rod those three were with ales, had two good hits on plainer board towards the bank, one barried the board but my girl is still getting the hang of grabbing the rod out of holder and lost both, she did manage to pick up a 18" fish on back float, "ales" was the food of choice.
Spent rest of the day and Monday working on water heater and water lines.

So it's Thursday evening we are back boats in the water ales are in the tank going to see if we can find some gizzard shad first thing in the morning and drag some lines, water temp is 70° and the ales are flipping pretty good.

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