May 11-12, 2018 - Striped Bass

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WT 72. Fish led from 8:00-2:00am
Hit the lake Friday after work with choochoo for some night time plugging.
Headed down lake to an area where he had caught a few to find the bass guys already camped on the points. We decided to make a run to where we both had caught fish before. Camped there and waited on the ales to start showing up and soon after they did some fish followed. We fought the wind for a while and caught a couple fish and decided to move to another area for a little break out of the wind with no luck. After the wind laid down we went back to the previous spot and choochoo landed a nice smallie and me one more striper. We headed back up lake hitting a couple other points listening for active fish. We gave it a go until about 2am and called it a night after boating a couple smallie and a few 18-22” striper.

WT 72-75. 6:00-10:00
Headed back out at 6 am for a brief morning trip with a buddy from work. Tried pulling some live bait in the same general areas as well as some areas I have not fished before. We had chases and one blow up but did not land a fish by 10am. It got hot and crowded with pleasure boaters and we called it a morning with a really bad smell of skunk in the boat.

WT 75-74 8:00-12:00
Came home for some rest and food and headed back out with the ole lady about 730 on Sat evening. The plan was to take an evening cruise and hit a couple points for some plugging with the hopes of redemption from earlier that morning. Headed to a point I wanted to throw on and the ales and fish were there. Fished for about an hour on that point and an adjacent bank and put 4 more in the 18-22” class in the boat. Got a call about some good bait on a light not far away so went and grabbed a few for the Home tank for next weekend.

Those 18-22” fish sure are fun to catch on light tackle and hearing them up on the banks busting the ales makes this one of my favorite times of year.

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