May 10, 2018 - Mixed Lakes

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Reported by Stan Cobb at Greentop

Congratulations to Cody Pike and Scott Banton of Powhatan for their second win of the season in the Elite 70 Bass series, held at Smith Mountain Lake. They reported catching their fish by sight fishing. They had 3 Smallmouth, and 2 Largemouth for 20+ lbs. 2nd place had 19+ lbs, also sight fishing.

Sight fishing is occurring in many of the lakes right now. Landlocked Stripers are on the move at kerr, and Anna. Traveling up the rivers at Kerr can be very productive, but can also be tricky navigating. It's best to go with someone that's familiar with running the river.

Anna Stripers are biting well, especially on live bait. Guide Jim Hemby is an expert at finding these fish and presenting baits properly. He is also adept at sonar interpretation.

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