June 9, 2018 Report

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Fisherman's Island/4th Island CBBT......Took a buddy fishing Saturday for Cobia and "whatever else."

We started off Buckroe Beach, and fished with eel, mud minnows, whole frozen menhaden, cut mullet, clams, squid, and shrimp. Lots of kayakers and other boats, but we caught not a single thing.

Then we went the SE Corner of Fisherman's Island on the ocean side of CBBT about a mile East/NE of the bridge where three depths converge. We put a chum bag out. There were pelicans and dolphins working but all we caught were smallish sandbar sharks. Biggest one was 31". My buddy caught a tiny baby cobia on shrimp. The sharks were LOVING the eels, letting me drag them up from the bottom without even being hooked, playing tug-of-war. We pulled hook and drifted into about 7' of water and decided to move.

We went to 4th Island to get out of the wind and waves, and were almost skunked. I caught a large cownose ray on a piece of cut mullet but that was all we got.

A few friends also had a really slow day elsewhere in the Bay.

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