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Went bluegill fishing early in the morning using red wiggles I dug up from a compost pile the day before, caught about 50 or so didn't keep an accurate count. Most were real small but was able to manage enough bigger ones for a few meals. Caught a 14 1/2 smallmouth a channel cat and came across a blown down tree that extended down into 30 fow and managed to jig 4 nice crappie off of it, 14 inch was biggest 10 was smallest, the biggest was a white crappie the rest were black, used blue ice. That was the first time I successfully targeted and caught crappie on SML, shot a few docks but no success. Was off he water by 1 pm due to increased boat and jet ski traffic which is always a problem on SML and the main reason I don't fish it much even though it's only 20 minutes from my house.

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