June 13, 2018 - Catfish Report

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Put in at buffalo at sun up and ran up to the mouth of the Dan and anchored up for little bit, no action so started to drift back towards buffalo and picked up two nice channel cats. Ran down to the mouth of bluestone and my motor was acting up, no power, same thing was happening last year but I was hoping to get another summer out of it before I had to spend what I figured would be big bucks to get it fixed. I couldn't run it they it was acting so I called South Side but now the are called something else but I forgot. Any how they told me to bring it in and they would try to fix it quick so 2 hours and 450$ later I was back on the water at Longwood. They had to replace the optical ignition. The guy's name is Brandon and seems like a real straight shooter boat runs like it should again. Drifted around some of the back creeks of Longwood only managed another eater blue, found some new bp's while drifting so I went back and fished them. Caught about 15 crappies mostly small l but managed to get a few decent ones to take home. Was off the water at 7. All fish were caught shallow in 15 feet or less, Water temp averaged around 77-78.

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