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Returned from Kiptopeake.......This trip was AWESOME Kiptopeake State Park turned out to be an incredible base came and at $35 a night it was very reasonable. There is a $3 fee to use the ramp if you park in the parking area but it is free if you take your vehicle back to the camp site.

The first day we got there it was rainy. It rained the entire way to Kiptopeake. There was a short window that we used to set up the tents and then it rained again as soon as I got my rainfly on. After the rain stopped in the evening we tried fishing at the pier since it was still windy rough on the bay. We were skunked that day.

The next day it was very windy. We decided to try to fish the ditch area. The tide was low when we got there and the water was murky. We fished the area with no luck at all. I thought that there should have been some reds in the area, stripers, or sea trout but nothing. The murky water didn't help.

The wind died in the afternoon so we launched out at Kiptopeake State Park. We fished some pound nets and caught a few small croaker. We moved back to the area near the ships and we caught some croaker, a few other species, and I caught a 16.5 inch flounder.

The second day we found beautiful weather. I ran out to the high rise bridge but due to current and wave action in that area I went back to Fisherman's Island bridge. On my first cast I had a hit and on my second cast I caught a 16 1/4" flounder. I caught 8 more flounder but none of them were keepers. My Uncle caught some flounder and one sea trout that was really small. I had all my action jigging a bucktail that was 1.5 ounces and my Uncle was using squid. There was another boat in the area and they didn't get any fish and ended up moving after watching me catch 5 flounders in the 30 minutes that they were there. The water was slightly murky in the area.

After leaving the fisherman's island bridge we went back to the concrete ships. We caught some small croaker on squid and we got tired of catching small fish so we went out to drift Lattimer Shoals. At Lattimer shoals I caught a small 21" shark. That was the only action that we got there. I stopped drifting and started trolling spoons. We didn't get a single hit trolling so we went back to finish the day at the Concrete ship. We caught one big croaker there and several smaller fish.

When we got back to the ramp a guy came in that had caught a HUGE cobia. That cobia had to be over 60 pounds. They had caught 4 cobia in the area of Buoy 13.

We only fished those two days and came home on the last day. No issue on getting home.

All in all it was an amazing trip. I didn't explore the barrier island a lot because of the weather on the first day. My Uncle wasn't really wanting to try cobia fishing so I didn't get to do that but someday I will try it, maybe later on in June when the Cobia get near the middle grounds or Smith Point.

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