Fly Patterns for the Rivanna River

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These fly patterns can be purchased at

Bass Popper
Popper flies are one of the most effective and popular flies for bass fly fishing.

The Bass Popper Fly is a popular pattern amongst bass fly fishermen, perfect for largemouth or smallmouth bass. In yellow/red, chartreuse, frog, red/white, black.
Sizes 1/0, 6.

Sneaky Pete Popper
Superb popper flies for warm water fly fishing.

A superb surface fly or popper fly to strip along the surface of the water to get big strikes from bass or pike. Give this popper fly a strip so it dips into the water, then let it rest. Strip it again. Fish love these flies. Everything from the rubber leg movement to the sound attracts fish. A great fly for fly fishing ponds and lakes for warm water species. In chartreuse, red, white, black, yellow.
Sizes 4, 8.

Crittermite.....Color: Black.....Size: 4
Trow Tube.....Color: Olive.....Size: 1
Claw Dad.....Color: Brown.....Size: 4
Thunderstruck.....Color: Black/Blue.....Size: 1/0

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