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Posting God
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Before sharing your eFed onto this forum, please read this. Below are a few guidelines you must follow. After you finish reading the guidelines, a template is here for you to copy & paste.

  • Stick to the Template - Believe it or not, I do have to explain this one. We like order. It's much easier for someone that is looking for a fed if each fed follows the template given. The template will allow you to give every bit of information needed to have them decide if it's worth a shot or not. Refusing to follow this simple rule could result in your eFed being deleted from the database, and even a ban.
  • No Double Posting - If an eFed is already posted in the database, please do not make a new topic for the sake of a bump up the list. Even if it is in another category of eFeds, simply inform the Staff, and we will move it to the appropriate category.
  • News Does Not Belong Here - Do not continue to bump your eFeds topic with In-Character news. There is another section for all the news you want to post. That's not to say you can't keep us updated with important info. Have new ownership? New forums, layout, or anything else out-of-character to share? Feel free. This will be a fine line, and the first time you go over the line, a simple warning will be given via PM, just to let you know.
  • No Beef - Keep any beef you have with anyone out of here. If you come starting trouble, we will not hesitate to ban you. This is here for others to try out a new fed, not for you to tell us all why this eFed sucks and you're the greatest ever.
Please copy & paste the template below, and create a new Topic. The topic title should be the name of your eFed.
wrote:Promotion Name:

Best Form Of Contact:

Site/Forum Web Address:

88x31 Affiliate Button (if applicable):

Date Opened:

Roster Size: (As of today)

Amount of Championships:

Promotion Size: (Underground, Local, Indy, National, Global)

Promotion Style: (Traditional, Sports Entertainment, Extreme, Indy, Puro, Lucha Libra, Female Only)

Event Schedule: (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly)

Allow Real-Life Wrestlers?:

eFed Bio: (Sell your product here)