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Posting God
Posting God
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Before posting your bio onto this forum, please read this. Below are a few guidelines you must follow. After you finish reading the guidelines, a template is here for you to copy & paste.

  • Stick to the Template - Believe it or not, I do have to explain this one. We like order. It's much easier for a fedhead, seeking a new member, if everyone follows the template given. The template will allow you to give every bit of information needed to show what you bring to the party. Refusing to follow this simple rule could result in your bio being deleted from the database, and even a ban.
  • No Double Posting - If your bio is already posted, DO NOT repost it just because you have a minor change. Simply edit the post.
  • FEDHEADS Don't Whore Every Recruit - This rule is to all fedheads looking to sign talent. Other communities allowed free range for fedheads to comment and PM any and all Free Agents. It got annoying to receive 20 PMs all saying "you would make a great addition to ABC come check us out!". Each eWrestler in this thread has specific requirements they are looking for in an eFed. If you do not fit that bill, DO NOT contact them. If we catch you doing so, we will not hesitate to ban you. Very little leeway here.
  • No Beef - Keep any beef you have with anyone out of here. If you come starting trouble, we will not hesitate to ban you. If you do not like the person posting, keep it to yourself, or in the correct thread (Flakers, Blacklist, etc).
Please copy & paste the template below, and create a new Topic. The topic title should be the name of your eFed.
Wrestler Name:
Alignment: (Face, Heel, Neutral)
Pic Base:
Gimmick: (Quick description of character)

If you do not have a preference simply say "No Preference"
Laid Back or Competitive?
Weekly or Bi-weekly?
Established or New?
Traditional or Hardcore?
Real-Life Wrestlers Allowed?
Promotion Size: (Underground, Local, Indy, National, International)

Roleplaying Experience:
Your Email: (not required)
Sample Roleplay: (not required)