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Raw On Hulu Review

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This is a new weekly blog, written live, as I watch WWE Raw on Hulu. It's not so much a play by play, as it is just my random thoughts as I sit here and watch. Hulu skims it down to an hour and a half, yet still gives you all you need of the stories going on. That being said, enjoy.

Extreme Rules Aftermath:

I give Extreme Rules an A-. Entertaining as hell, and the only complaint I have is that the WWE Title picture isn't going how I envisioned. I expected Reigns to win, but because of a turn from The Club.... Also Rollins returned, which seems rushed.

Anyhoo, Raw kicks off with announcing Seth vs Reigns at MitB. I have a prediction for this, which I'll share later. We also get a slew of MitB qualifiers.

Sami Zayn caught on quick with the WWE crowd. I was worried he wouldn't. Thank God for NXT. Sheamus continues to deliver as well. Dude has done nothing but deliver every night, no matter what they ask of him. He gets a bad rap, for being HHH's buddy and being boring. But he's entertaining as hell. He was only booked strong once, as a rookie, but the rest has been bad booking.

Y2J defeats Crews, and I just wanna say, Y2J deserves a standing ovation for doing the thumbtack spot at Extreme Rules. He did not have to, but for the sake of a good match, did it.

Apollo Crews seems to be going into a feud with Sheamus, and I love it. Having Sheamus be jealous of "The New Era". Perfect guy to put in the ring with Crews. It's gonna be a slobberknocker for sure.

Dana Brooks pairing with Charlotte is confusing. No meaning behind it. And now, it appears Charlotte is dumping her dad.

"I'm not Ric Flair's daughter. You know what? You're Charlotte's dad!" Excellent!

Charlotte is amazing on the mic when she gets rolling. Slow out of the gates but when she starts rolling she is fire. You can see her hold back her tears. Even though Ric's are part of the show, its hard to see your parent cry, and not cry yourself. Not sure where this is headed, or why it's happening out of the blue like this. It is the right thing to do though. Charlotte coulda been booked as an unstoppable heel, but instead went with the "needs help" heel. Let's hope this is the start of a dominant champ. I wouldn't hate it if she held the title until Mania next year.

Up next, we have Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler in another MitB qualifier. We all know who is going to win this one. Poor Dolph. Dude has been my favorite wrestler of this decade. He IS the total package in pro wrestling. I am a WWE apologist like none other (I'm a Reigns fan), and even I cannot come up with a reason why Dolph isn't a perennial main eventer. I'm worried he's going to follow Cody Rhodes and Barrett out the door. If he wasn't going to get over before, now that the roster is littered with the "New Era" he has no chance.

The beginning of the match is a nice bit of chain wrestling. Which the crowd absolutely dumps on. I'm fed up with todays wrestling crowds. They love who they love and hate who they hate, and nothing will ever change their minds. Same goes with matches. A slow paced match is just boring to them now.

I see Dolph is back to looking like young Shawn Michaels. He alternates between HBK and Mr Perfect. I do enjoy that this is a face vs face match. Don't see those too much. Geez, the double cross body spot always makes me cringe. So violent looking.

Great series of moves here. Ambrose does his punch, chop, punch chop. Superkick turns Ambrose back and he does his weird half flip into the ropes to deliver a nasty clothesline. Goes up top for his elbow, but Dolph hits his wrestle-gasm inducing dropkick. Dirty Deeds gets the win for Ambrose. Good match. Crowd sucked.

I am laughing way too hard at Ric Flairs old man briefcase as he tries to exit the arena. Jesus he is old. Bless his heart. I love him. I LOVE YOU RIC!!!

AJ on the mic is strange. I forget he is a fellow southerner like me. I know he is a world class performer, and I don't deny his unreal (phenomenal?) talents, but on the mic he is as flat and bland as anyone. Could you imagine if Reigns said the stuff AJ did? Baldie #1 and Baldie #2 come out and it looks like friction has entered The Club (as I wanted!). I don't know enough of Karl Anderson. I am happy to see Gallows back though. He looks like a legit badass. I know they will have a great run in the tag division.

AJ channels his inner Ross Geller and asks for a break from the Club (WE WERE ON A BREAK!). The Club are upset and say there are not friends with AJ anymore! He's a big jerkface! And he has cooties! So they break up, and I have a theory of how this is going and where it's headed. And it will be a fun ride.

Next is AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens. Wrestling smarks are happy right now. I am just enjoying the latest batch of theme songs. THey have been outstanding lately. Admittedly I got sucked into the match and didn't type many of my thoughts here.

Kevin Owens has proved me wrong. I hated Kevin Steen. He was a fat turd that I didn't want in WWE. He lost weight, and is a great worker. Still some things he does that annoys me, like tries to be quirky, but overall, he has done an amazing job. He just did the pop up powerbomb on steel steps, yet AJ gets up before the 10 count. Illogical. But I'm just a bitter WWE fanboy. Oh holy crap... Kevin Owens won!?! Huh.... Ok...

A lot of wrestling on this episode of Raw. Not a lot to complain about. Money in the Bank could be a historic night if they use my booking idea.... Which I'll get to in a few weeks.